Levi All Grown Up

Levi as a PuppyBeen going through more pictures I’m restoring to my laptop and found this one of when I went up and visited Levi and his litter mates once. He is the smooth… the blue merle pup behind him was a rough.

Levi as an adultI love baby collies. Like sighthounds, their noses are not as long when they are puppies. And with the collies, when they are born and for a few days after, it’s near impossible to tell if the puppy is rough or smooth. It takes a while for the rough coats to grow out.

Levi is such a handsome boy. He’ll be nine in November… I can’t believe it’s been so many years since that little smooth collie boy hid under the table at the breeders because he was too shy to come out and say hi to this strange woman and her man. 🙂 But now Levi is a big strong brave boy. He’s my soul mate dog. 🙂

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