Levi’s New Dumbbell!

Levi's New DumbbellLevi’s new dumbbell came in the mail today! We LOVE it! Levi carried it around right when we got it. Of course.. he was probably thinking it’s something new to guard from Tony, but that’s okay. As long as he likes it, that’s good!

Levi's New DumbbellThe one I was using for him.. the ends were too short. So when he’d go to try to get the middle bar in his mouth, his nose would hit the ground. And he tried, he really did, but it was uncomfortable for him to pick up. He was better about picking it up in the grass, where there’s a little bit of cushioning, but on hard surfaces he would usually go out, look at it, and come back to me.

This dumbbell has four inch ends. And one side has a heart, isn’t that the cutest thing! It was hand made by a man back east, and if you want his name you can email me. He does a great job, just for your individual job, and they are durable and great dumbbells.

So hopefully Levi will now be ready for Open Obedience in August! We get to practice with his new cool dumbbell! I’m going to run outside now and see how he works with it. Looks good on him!

Now the pups want dinner… and I don’t need any, I do need some diet pills because I ate way too much popcorn at the movie we saw tonight!

7 thoughts on “Levi’s New Dumbbell!”

    1. Heya Rachael! I clicker trained both Levi’s and Lucy’s dumbbells. Lucy.. you can’t get hers away from her, she loves it so much. I do wish I could have done open with her. Chase is also getting clicker trained for his, and so will Tatum. I love clicker training the dumbbell retrieve. It’s tricky, but the dogs love it and it’s fun to figure out with each dog!

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