Chase’s Weekend So Far

Well, we’ve been at the AKC agility trial this weekend in Farmington, Utah. Unfortunately Levi isn’t feeling well. He not only isn’t doing the weaves, he also isn’t doing contacts or even the chute. So I think he’s not feeling well and I’m going to leave him home tomorrow so he can rest up.

Chase is doing better. I think I will be learning how to run him the rest of our lives together. This first video is of Chase in Excellent A FAST. We qualified with a great run and a first place. FAST is where you make up your own course, and then you have to do the distance challenge. Well, tunnel sucking comes in handy on courses like this. He got the A Frame perfect, then turned away from me to get the tunnel. I was very proud of my boy and the crowd cheered, as you will hear. 🙂


This next video is of Chase in Open Jumpers with Weaves today. He did a good job. I messed him up in the beginning. I should have pulled him harder off that tunnel. As we know, he’s a tunnel suck! He would have come to me had I pulled him harder. The rest of the course was extremely fun, too. I ran him mosly silently, and we had a good time. No Q, but that’s okay, I kinda like having him in Open as opposed to Excellent. And thanks to Junior’s Mom for taping this for me!!!


So I’m happy with Chase. Qualifying isn’t everything… having fun and having a good run is. However, I would like to increase our Q rate as I feel more successful when we do so. Gonna be working on that in the next months!

Now I am watching my videos using my HDMI cables on my HDTV… I still need a darn HD Camcorder, though!

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    1. Thanks Lora! Chase is amazingly fast. He runs way faster than I can think. I gotta learn how to think faster! 🙂

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