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Tatum Chase Muffit 04 Well today was a down day, but not really! I got up at 6:30am to do some agility training. I wanted to head out when the courses were fresh on my mind. I didn’t bring Levi… Levi stayed home on Sunday, too. He has never avoided that many obstacles before. My friend thinks he might be so off because of Tony being here. Usually Levi doesn’t like the fosters, but it could be that Levi is getting older, and really is being thrown for a loop with Tony here. We are working on a different foster home for him where he’ll fit better.

Anyway, Chase did pretty good at agility. Okay, he did really good. Me… I’m still learning. I was able to learn some things this weekend. I have a very logical mind, and I really need something to work on that I can logically relate too. I want to be more creative, and in some ways I have to absorb things emotionally so that I feel them, and forget them, to do them. And hopefully I can get that into my head as well.

I want to learn and to get better. Chase is such an amazing dog. In agility and flyball and he’ll be great in obedience, too, once he’ll watch me without treats! 🙂 I have him entered in Rally-O in August, so we’ll see how that goes! We haven’t done it in a couple of years now, hopefully he’ll be better now that he was then!

I took this picture on Sunday. I had Chase, Muffit and Tatum with and let them run around a bit. They loved it! And Muffit is doing so well at the trials! On Sunday I even had him uncovered, he wasn’t yapping the whole day. I think he’s getting used to the environments. And I love to let Tatum and Muffit off leash in a safe area to practice recalls. Neither of them have good recalls. And Muffit will bolt if he knows he’ll be chased. Not good… so I want him to get used to being off leash and coming back for yummy treats. The Mum has treats and coming has got to be fun!

All my dogs eventually end up with at least decent recalls. Even if I can’t get them off a squirrel or a bird or something… I do wish they would! Guess I’d have to seriously train that.

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  1. Ace is good at the recall… except when there is a rabbit or squirrel involved. I don’t know how to stop him from chasing after those small animals.

    Lindsays last blog post..Weekly question: Have you hired a dog trainer?

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