Throw Up Everywhere

Well, now that the initial shock of Lucy’s megaesophagus is over… the stress is settling in. Usually I can take charge of a situation and handle it at first. Do what needs to be done. And then later the whole impact sets in and I start to really get bothered by it.

Our collie girl Lucy is doing okay.. and I think my husband is doing a better job with her than I am when it comes to feeding. She actually struggles more for him when he holds her up for 15 or 20 minutes after we feed her the liquid diet. And maybe that helps move it down better? Rather than for me where she sits pretty still. I’m more of a boss than Dad is. πŸ™‚ But it seems for me she regurges more than when Dad feeds her.

If we have our water buckets out and she drinks, she will regurgitate it about an hour after unless we catch her and hold her up. If her food doesn’t go all the way down, it seems two hours will go by before she regurgitates it. And watching and hearing her regurgitate is breaking my heart. Yesterday she lost most of her breakfast. But she kept the rest of the meals down.

Last night about 3am she was regurging water. And it splashed on the wood floors in the bedroom. I ended up just getting up and putting a towel down under her and letting it happen. We are cleaning up after her a lot. Or having a towel under her when she throws up. We don’t really care about the house… that’s why we have tile floors and wood floors. But we care about her. Okay we care about the house too, LOL, but we care about our dogs a zillion times more.

It’ll be this way the rest of her life. I figure the stress of it will lessen for me as time goes by. Her weight is holding steady, but we want her to gain. This is like best diet pill, except it’s the worst way to diet! She’s only nine and a half. The girl is too young for this. But we do what it takes to keep her healthy and happy. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this for some years to come, we don’t want to lose her.

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  1. Hopefully things will get into a routine with Lucy and everyone will learn to live with it. My friends puppy has megaesophagus and the vet thought they might be able to tighten it, but turns out they can’t. The puppy turns 1 year today and my friend got him specifically for agility, he comes from a line of champs. Now that’s out completely. Hopefully both Lucy and Tusker live long, happy lives even if it’s with this thing.

    1. Hi Flo, that’s so sad about your friend’s puppy. Even if we get a puppy from a good breeder they can still develop health problems. I also hope Tusker and Lucy live long happy lives! I think we will get the hang of this thing… our baby’s life is at stake here. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG that makes me so sad for poor Lucy. I’m glad she has such good guardian’s to take care of her. So many people would not be willing to do the things that you and Aaron are doing to take care of her!

  3. Poor Lucy girl. I feel for you. Its not easy dealing with sick pets or children. It takes such a toll on everything and yet we chug on and take care of what needs to be done out of loyalty and love. She is lucky to have you in her life. Lucky that you will give her the chance that alot of people wouldn’t. I commend you and your husband for your efforts.


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    1. Thanks Lora. It is emotionally taxing.. mainly because I worry about her getting food in her lungs. Ugh. She is our baby girl.

  4. Cyn,

    You are doing a great job! Don’t forget that. It’s really amazing what you’ve already done for Lucy and what I know you will continue to do for her. I really believe that she couldn’t be in better hands. Hang in there.

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    1. Thanks Marie… I think my husband does better at feeding her than I do! He’s such a good guy. I just hate hate hate hearing her throw up her food. It breaks my heart.

      But we are plugging along!

  5. Poor Lucy – that sounds awful for her – and you! Thank God she has you and your husband’s loving attention to get her through this. I like you care more about my pets wellbeing than the house when they’re not doing well. Hopefully you will learn some tricks to help deal with it and make life easier.

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    1. Thanks Chris. We are hanging in there… finding out what works and what doesn’t work as much. It’s still stressful, though.

  6. Poor Lucy…….yakking is not fun!

    We are glad you are taking such good care of her and we are sending out tons of purrs for her tobe able to keep her food down better and gain some weight.

    Juniors last blog post..Beyond busy

  7. I wish best luck with Lucy, take care of her the best you can!
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