Spicey Love Muffit!

Spicey Love Muffit After long last I’ve finally decided on a fun fancy name for Muffit! I like to have fancy registered names for the dogs. I wish i had a fancy name myself, and actually I kinda like my name… but I like to have fancy names for the dogs to go with their titles.

Soo… Introducing…

Spicey Love Muffit

I think it’s a very cute name!  LOL.  He is a good boy, and he’s a lover boy too. He’s a great snuggler and he follows me all over. So he’s my love Muffin.  I thought his name would be a cute play on the words. 🙂

I need to get some better pictures of the boy, too. He’s a sweetie and he’s really cute beyond belief.  For some reason when I snap pictures of him I’m not getting his intense cuteness. And I really need to, for my own memories, and to post up! Here he’s wearing his harness (I finally have a dog small enough for a puppia harneess lol) which is the blue of our flyball team colors.

I just registered him for NAFA and U-FLI flyball. Hopeing that will inspire me to work with him more on the box. He’s getting it, he just doesn’t like to touch the box. Goof.  And I need to get him over the jumps, too. And, the biggest goal, is to just get him to think in situations that stimulate him a lot. He’s a good boy, he gets so frantic. But he’s coming along!

I was thrilled at the last agility trial I brought him to. He was quiet by the third day, and I even had him uncovered! He walked around well, and is starting to understand the concept of paying attention to me. He is so distracted, he doesn’t understand that we work together. He’s never done that before. Once he gets it, he’ll pick it up quick, I’m sure!

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