Obedience Practice with Chase

Chase Dumbbell 01Today I took Chase, Muffit and Tatum up to a Bark in the Park event in Park City, Utah.  Our flyball team, the Thunder Paws, did a flyball demo a couple of times and so I figured I’d take all three of them up, and do some obedience practice with Chase while we were there since we had a lot of down time. I’ll get some flyball pictures up, hopefully, tomorrow.

Any time we can practice obedience with Chase, especially in such a noisy and energetic environment, is a good thing. Working focus with him helps not only obedience, but also agility. Flyball… well, the flyball dogs don’t need to pay too much attention to their handlers. 🙂 Okay, they do a bit, they have to know their jobs, but not like agility… and obedience is an entirely different game.

Chase did really well!  He loves to go after and bring back his dumbbell. And I had Levi’s front box with, and he hopped right in!  And he held the dumbbell too until I took it out of his mouth.  I’m really excited about this.  Hopefully we can do Rally-O in August since he’s entered.  A year and a half ago when I tried Rally-O with him he was awful, wouldn’t pay attention to me at all, and tried to jump the ring gates! He wanted to do agility lol.  So now hopefully he will be better. 🙂 And I might enter him in novice UKC obedience in September too, he’s doing so well.  🙂

Anyway, Chase went swimming today too, and loved his flyball, so we had fun. I wasn’t crazy about going and spending the whole day, since I have so few days at home. But since I was there, I wanted to get some training done, and I felt like I did. I walked around with Muffit a lot and we tried to work on focus. And Tatum got some walking around too.  Which she liked.

I was, once again, on my feet most of the day. Which is just like taking weight loss pills, all the exercise I get! Ugh.

5 thoughts on “Obedience Practice with Chase”

  1. Love the picture of Chase! I’m so glad he was able to focus on Obedience with flyball going on. He has come such a long way! He’s going to do great in Rally next month!

    Maries last blog post..Good Tired

    1. I hope so Marie.. we might have a problem with all the Rally signs. LOL he is a goof, he thinks he knows how to do it all already, and wants to jump the signs!

    1. Thanks Lora! It’s fun to run against Dylan! Maybe one day we’ll be able to in a tournament. 🙂

  2. Your dogs sure keep you busy with all their “extra-curricular” activities! They are some lucky dogs, and they are always having so much fun.

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