Going to First NAFA Flyball Tournament

Chase FlyballWell, later today Chase and I are going to be heading off to our first NAFA flyball tournament. We have done a number of U-FLI tournaments, but no NAFA yet. I’m excited. Chase even gets to be on two teams, he’ll be so excited!

Our main team, Thunder Paws, only has one team going. And one of the dogs, Dylan, needs only a certain amount of points for his next title. So he’s going to run on in every race… or we hope, until he picks up the rest of those points. So in order to get Chase enough of his own flyball fix, lol, he is going to be on an Open team on Sunday. Which is, basically, a pickup team where the dogs don’t have to be all in the same club.

He’ll love it! He loves flyball. I’m also bringing Tatum and Muffit. It will be Muffit’s first trip. I get to see how he does in the hotel room. I think he’s ready for a trip. He’s a good boy, and the more he gets out, the better. As he gets a job and gets to expend his energy, he’ll have a better recall and be able to focus on me more.

I’ll have to post a picture of my car.. I have a car top carrier (borrowed) and two boxes on the back end. We are loaded. My flyball captain and her JRT, Chase Me, are also coming in my car. So we’ll have a great time!

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