Back from NAFA

Me and MuffitAnd so.. back to work after doing flyball again all weekend. It was a blast. I had a great time. This is a picture of me and Muffit. He was being goofy and wouldn’t keep his ears up, kept wanting to look for other dogs when we were trying to take pictures of him. However, he did really well at the tournament and by the middle of the first day his crate was uncovered and he could watch the goings on and he was still quite. Yay for Muffit! I think he’ll be doing flyball probably in a year, hopefully less! He is a good boy!

Tatum also did well. She was hardly nervous at all, ate all her food, peed three or six times a day, and pooped too. No worries for her!

Chase did great. We ran with our regular team, Thunder Paws from here in Utah, on Saturday. Then on Sunday we ran with RUFF from Denver. That was fun, and a little stressful. Chase was usually third dog and although I’m pretty good at timing passes, the second dog changed out occasionally and that threw me off!

I have to say, I think I like U-FLI better than NAFA.. and I’ll post later as to why. But the drive was fine and uneventful. The hotel was just fine, and the weather wasn’t too hot… until after our races, then I was sweating! The bathrooms were nice and had bathroom faucets that worked well. It was fun to get an idea of a different flyball venue, too, and see different teams run.

So… are we going to throw our own tournament here in Utah? Well.. hrm.. maybe we should!

9 thoughts on “Back from NAFA”

    1. Thanks Christy! Muffit gives such good kisses. 🙂 The certificates are nice to hang on the walls. I have so many from agility, though, that they just get stuck in a folder. The pins are on my wall at work, which I like!

  1. Glad you are back and had a good time!! Congratulations!!

    That would also be cool if you threw your own tournament too!!

  2. Yay Muffit! I’m glad he did well. I’m sure he’ll be great at competing once he gets used to it. Sounds like Chase is quite the MVP.

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