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Bailey ChairI have the best husband in the world. πŸ™‚ And Lucy has the best Dad. She has megaesophagus… as you might know from prior posts. If anyone has missed out… she no longer has muscles in her esophagus that can move her food into her stomach. So if she eats regular food, the food gets stuck in her enlarged esophagus and won’t go down. She ends up regurgitating it a couple hours later.

Lucy in her Bailey ChairShe lost six pounds before we figured out what was going on. Now she is gaining most of the weight back and you can’t feel her ribs so much. My husband built this Bailey’s Chair for our collie girl Lucy. The original design was for a dog named Bailey. We got the plans and my husband built it this week. Doesn’t it look great! He did an awesome job! And he even used leftover paint, wood, and soft tiles so he didn’t spend much money on it.

Lucy in her Bailey Chair EatingWe were holding her up on the couch, but we wanted to get her more vertical. We also wanted to get a way that we didn’t have to sit with her for 20 minutes every feeding. And we feed her four times a day.

She gets 2/3 cup kibble, 1/2 can wet, and water blended together in a blender… she gets that mixture twice a day and we cut it into two meals each. So four meals a day. And so far, it’s working really well. She doesn’t like to stay in it for 20 minutes… but we are feeding her, and then we let her lick some honey out of a bowl when she is still.

I don’t want her to learn that struggling gets her out of the chair. So when she is still, she gets a lick of the honey, which she loves. And so far, so good. She struggles a little, but not really so bad.

She is our baby girl, we want her to live many years yet! She’s only nine and a half!

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  1. OMD! That’s amazing! I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this. I’m so glad it’s working, and I would bet that soon, Lucy will love her chair and being in it. I’d do it for food, you bet! Nice hubby!!!!!

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  2. Awesome! The chair looks great! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, Lucy couldn’t have a better mom and dad taking care of her! πŸ™‚

  3. Go, hubby! You’ve got a keeper, Cyn! And look at Lucy lovin’ that chair – bet she knows it was built specially for her…! πŸ˜€

    pams last blog post..Blame Nancy, part deux!

  4. That’s amazing! She looks so comfortable. Lucy surely appreciates all your love and special care.

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  5. Totally excellent – and I mean your pack, you and your husband, and your dedication to the pack members!

  6. Woohoo! That is awesome! She looks wonderful Cyn.. and great job Hubby!

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  7. What a great idea. It’s always wonderful to see human innovation making life easier for animals in need. Hopefully your solution will work for other dog owners having the same difficulty!

    1. Thanks American Mastiff… but we can’t take original credit! We got the info to build the chair off the yahoo megaesophagus list!

    1. She does look like a kid in a high chair Lindsay! πŸ™‚ We’ve been putting honey on her feet so she stays in and doesnt struggle for 15 mins. She sure likes that!

  8. What a great job your husband did on this chair! I can tell that Lucy is loving the chair and all that comes with it! Yeah Lucy! I’m so glad she’s handling this disease.


  9. Your husband did a great job on the chair! What a good idea too. Lucy looks like a very good girl sitting in her chair.. I bet it feels good to her to get the food down where it’s suppose to be.

  10. Lucy is a lucky one to have such a caring family. Hope that she’ll gain all her weight back and will feel better.

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  11. That’s so great that you are helping your baby like that. I have a dog that doesn’t have any medical issues, but sits up like that on a sofa…he would love a chair like that. Just glad he doesn’t “need” one.

  12. How clever! The inventiveness of people never ceases to amaze me. What a great way to treat the cause instead of medicating the symptom!

  13. Thats a pretty good looking chair. My Golden was diagnosed with the same condition and we have also built him a chair. As you mentioned Lucy gets restless so does “Murphy” after he is finished eating. I noticed that after 10 minutes i let himout he runs like crazy to the door and hunches up like he has to go to the bathroom. He runs outside and assumes the position where he has a very small bowel movement but clearly something brings this on when he is in the chair. Have you had that happen?

  14. Can you send me the plans for how to build the bailey chair because my dog has megaesophagus also and I am trying to get one somehow. However he is a great dane and needs a very large one. my email is

    1. Hi Motox! We got the plans off the Yahoo Group for Megaesophagus..

      I don’t know if my husband still has a copy or not, but I’ll check. If you join the group I think you can get a ton of info from there!

  15. A friend of my father has asked for help building one of these for her German Shepherd. Just looking at the general design, I am wondering if it would be easier for the dog to learn to walk in from the back and have the back raised or closed like a cabinet door than to learn to back into it. Any thoughts on this would be welcome.

  16. My sweet dog just got diagnosed with Megaesophagus and is not doing to good. I was wondering after you started feeding your dog in that chair, did it need to be on medication? I would really like to try building a chair like that for my pooch to see if it would help. During the day I sit her on me for 10 to 15 minutes and she seems to do just fine all day. but when it comes to night time, she vomits like 5 times. If I can’t get this under control soon, My wife wants to put her down. So cam you let me know if your dog live a happy normal life now?

    1. Hi… our dog Lucy still regurgitates a lot at night. We just keep her in a room with tile floors where we can clean up in the mornings. I don’t know if most dogs do this or not, but we aren’t willing to put her down because of it. Your dog can live a full life, but you’ll have to manage her condition. I hope you will have the patience and love to do so. The Bailey’s Chair helps a lot. Check out my links in the sidebar for the Yahoo Group, it has plans for the chair.

  17. Hi, What a great idea with the Bailey Chair. Our German Shepher who is 9 years old has been vomiting for the last year. We just found out what he might have – Megaesophagus -?Spelling. He is getting an Endoscopy done next week and I;m scared it won’t be good. He use to weigh 115 pounds and is now 91 pounds. Its heart breaking to wittness this. My husband wants to build this chair. Do you have to keep Lucy on Antibiotics for the aspiration in the lungs. Max is on that and Carafate and Prilosec. This past year not really knowing he might have this has been the worst ever and he is a very good dog. Any info would be great!!!!

  18. I have a German Shepard his name is Clouse and he is going on ten years old. We have been dealing with him throwing up or purging since he was a puppy. We went to several different Vets and now we finally have the diagnosis of Mega-esophagus. This was two days ago July 16Th and now I am researching what I can do to help Clouse.
    I am now in the process of building a Bailey Chair. While I am getting this done we are feeding him on our stairs and then taking him for a walk. we are not letting him lay down after he eats this usually ends in him purging. This seems to be working somewhat. We have now put him in the bathroom when we leave the house or go to sleep so he will not purge on our floors. Good luck to everyone who have a family member with this disorder.

  19. I’d love to get some better details on how to build a bailey chair. I have an eight year old German Shepherd who has just been diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency as well as megaesophagus. I’m only one day into this diagnosis but want to stay on top of it. Thanks!!

  20. My dog, Maggie was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis 3 weeks. Just today, megaesophagus was added to the list. Is there ANYONE who can make a chair for me? I will pay for it & the shipping to my address. I don’t have anyone who could make this for me. And honestly, I know that I wouldn’t be capable.

    Thanks, Becky Brennan

  21. Hi Becky, I’m so sorry about your dog being diagnosed with both. Megaesophagus is awful but manageable. You probably want to check out the Yahoo Group for MegaE in dogs. That is where we got the plans to build Lucy’s Bailey’s Chair. I know what you mean, I couldn’t build the darn thing either! My husband built ours. I bet someone on the group list would be able to build a chair for you. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  22. Dear Cynthia!,

    I write to u now from Egypt, hoping for some hope myself. I have three adopted street dogs (they suffer a lot in Egypt), one of them ‘Shawkat’ is already with a paralysed hand. I just got to know he has megaesphagus as well, the poor thing! I feel very helpless..not only with the load of the animals I have ( all of them were picked in injuries, and I have also one three legged cat:), but I feel sorry for him a lot.
    I cannot easily, almost not at all, get this Bailey#s chair here.
    Can you please send me the plan to build it to my email? I would really appreaciate this alot a lot…
    great to see ur baby is doing great!
    lots of hugs to all of you


  23. Dear Chy….
    Thanks for sharing this. I am writing to you far from Egypt. (u know street animals are in big troubles over here, I tell u) I have three adopted dogs, Shawkat is one of them who has a paralysed leg, and now just got to know he has megaesphagus as wel:(.
    I cannot get this chair here at all.
    Can you kindly send me the plan to build this chair?
    that would be really great. I am happy to see u and your baby and doing great
    hugs to all of you

  24. sorry, i thought my post was deleted, so I posted again…dont mean to nag by posting twice…although I feel so helpless to nag now:)

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