My Dream Job

Well, what else would my dream job be? 🙂 I love working with dogs. And I would love to do it full time. working with the people would be harder, I’m sure, than the dogs. But I hope I can develop the observational skills I know are so critical.

I made this little video.. and I wanted to video Levi doing his dumbbell work anyway! He is such a good boy.


And dangit, ignore that he popped the last weave poll. I haven’t been weaving him because he has a pulled muscle in his right rear leg… so this was just a test!

9 thoughts on “My Dream Job”

  1. great video. Loved the head butt at the end. Can I ask, how you trained him to pick up the dumbell? Moxie and I are starting our Open training and we have no clue. I can’t seem to find classes around here that train anything higher than CD level stuff.

    Rachaels last blog post..A brand new title!

    1. Oh Racheal… the dumbbell is so fun to clicker train! Lucy has an awesome dumbbell and I clicker trained her. Check out this page, it is what I did.. for the most part, though I modified it for my dogs.

      I used this for Levi and Chase, too. Though Levi is not as solid as Lucy because I haven’t worked him as much. But he is getting better as the video shows!

      Basically I clicked and treated at first for them just looking at the dumbbell. Then nose touching it. Then I put peanut butter on it so they would open their mouth for it. And on from there. 🙂 I refused to ear pinch my dogs, or use any of the old style retrieve techniques. I love clicker training the dumbbell! Let me know if this helps!

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