Buying Dog Stuff

I love to buy things for my dogs. LOL Yeah I can’t help myself sometimes. Actually, sometimes I think I have a bit of a shopping addiction as I go through phases where I have a need to buy, and online shopping tends to satisfy this need.

One thing I always need for my dog sports is DVDs. Recording and burning movies of myself and my friends. I love to do it, though I usually run behind. And so I bought some Lightscribe discs from Tiger Direct so I can burn some movies to DVD. And I used a new payment method called eBillMe which was kinda fun.

It makes it easy to set up a billpay in my bank account and pay eBillMe. Which I did. However, my bank doesn’t pay over weekends or holidays, so payment can’t be sent out until next Tuesday (not sure why it won’t send next Monday). So I’ll have to wait for payment until then, and they won’t ship the discs until they receive payment. So thought it’s convenient, it can be kinda slow. And I do tend to be the instant gratification type!

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