Training with Levi

Levi Retreives Dumbbell (1 of 4)So in order to qualify in Open Obedience with Levi, we need to practice! Actually, not practice, I need to teach him what I want him to do. Since he doesn’t really know! He is a good boy and is always trying to do what I want. Unlike Tatum.. who wants to know what is in it for her.. and learning how to teach her is going to be a challenge for me.

Levi Retreives Dumbbell (2 of 4)I worked with Levi with the dumbbell a little bit. He does so well now! Now that he understands what it is he is supposed to do. The first dumbbell I threw on the flat, and he ran out.. then he went to sniff some of the other jumps I had set out, but he then thought about it, and looked for the dumbbell, and brought it right back! I was so proud and gave him happy yells and yummy treats!

Levi Retreives Dumbbell (3 of 4)Then I threw the dumbbell over the jump. He doesn’t know the retreive over the jump quite as well as on the flat. Because he is supposed to bring the dumbbell back over the jump to me. And sometimes he goes around. But he brought it back just perfect, right over the jump! I would love to have some pictures of him airbrushed… I love pictures of Levi!

Levi Retreives Dumbbell (4 of 4)Levi loves his treat bag and will always go looking for it if I leave it out. I had it stuffed in the back of my shorts, so he doesn’t see it too much. But he usually knows where it is anyway. He is a very smart boy.

Levi Broad (1)We also trained the broad jump. The broad he doesn’t quite understand that he jumps over, goes around, and comes to front in front of me as I turn. So this is one of the big important things we’ve been working on.

Levi Broad (2)And as you’ll see here, I have a weave poll post stuck out from the end of the broad jump. Dogs tend to clip the end of the jump.. or come around too soon. So I have to let him know that he has to complete the jump entirely, before he comes around to me to front. It works really well. And he’s getting the hang of this, too.

Tomorrow I have him entered in ASCA obedience (Australian Shepherd Club of America) in Novice. I haven’t done any ASCA obedience with him yet, so if he qualifies this would be his first leg. We have a lot of ASCA obedience here, and I almost like it better than AKC. Lucy has her ASCA-CD and she did great doing it. I’d love to go into Open for Levi in ASCA, too. I’m not sure he’s going to do Utility. I would love if he did, it depends on how long he wants to work. He’ll be 9 in November, but he’s doing really well so we’ll see!

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