Animal Witness

I just finished watching Animal Witness, the Michael Vick story, on Animal planet. I had it recorded and when I got back from flyball practice with Tatum, Muffit and Chase, I couldn’t help but fire it up and see what it was all about.

It was awesome. A bit too short, I would have liked to have more in depth and detail information, but I guess they could only put so much in an hour!

It was hard to watch the dog fighting scenes they put in. Gads.. how horrible, those poor dogs having to go through that, and being so abused by the humans to get them to be mean. Pit Bulls are such great dogs. I really hope that one day I can rescue a pit bull and teach him or her flyball, and have a good representation of the breed. People can come up to be (or avoid me) thinking the dog is aggressive or mean by nature, and I can just spit in their face as the dog licks me and is loving.

There was a pit bull on the street a few months ago, when we were going to lunch. I asked the man if I could say hi, because I just love them, and the dog was so friendly and sweet. I like to let people know that not everyone is afraid of the breed!

Did you watch the show? What did you think?

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