MiniVan for Me and the Dogs!

MiniVan-2Well, I did it. I know I know! I’m bad bad bad! But I couldn’t help myself. I get into buying modes and I just have to get it out of my system, usually with buying. LOL. So here it is, the new (well used) 2007 Hyundai Entourage I just bought. I am happy with it. It looks gray, but sometimes looking at it it kinda looks blue, and the paperwork says light blue. Either way it’s a nice color, and it kinda matches Levi, who is checking it out!

I posted some more pictures on Luna Tail. I’ll get more, of course, I’m sure, soon. I don’t know if this guy will fit in my garage… which means the Husband might get the one car garage we have, which will make him happy. So it will keep us all safe, too, I sure hope. No getting mesothelioma while riding in it! Though I don’t think that’s possible!

So this is the new dog vehicle! I need some narrow crates for it.. six, if they will all fit! I hope so! I’ll set it up and pull the seats out this Friday, probably. Or maybe wait until I get new crates ordered. I’m excited! And nervous.. dangit, new car nerves. Bleh. And I’ll have to sell my Outback, when it comes back from the shop, to pay this loan off!

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