Chase and Agility

Chase Tatum RunWell, we had a fun agility weekend. We didn’t Q at all… I only ran Chase, as Levi is on a break because the June trial he was refusing about 80% of the obstacles. And I want to make sure he’s feeling better before I run him again.

So anyway Chase did good. His Mom (me) didn’t do all that great. I haven’t taught him major call offs and tight turns and wraps that he would need in AKC. So he didn’t Q, but he did a great job and we had a lot of fun. I’m going to try to run him in some other venues like DOCNA and ASCA next year, to see if maybe I can handle him better in those since the courses flow a lot more than the AKC courses.

ZoeThe highlight of the weekend was Zoe! Or, I really need to say, MACH Zoe! Woo Hoo! I’m so excited that my friend Marie and her sheltie, Zoe, got her MACH on Monday. We were getting nervous, too, since she didn’t get a Q at all on Saturday or Sunday. And they only needed one more double Q for that MACH!

So on Monday we all cheered when Zoe qualified in Standard in the morning, and then in the afternoon for Jumpers… the judge almost raised her hands for a sheltie spin, but didn’t, and the whole trial breathed a breath of relief and then Marie got her MACH bar and ran around the ring. It was awesome!

It was a great, fun weekend all in all. Last agility trial for a while. Which actually will be nice. I have flyball in a couple weeks, and then I’m going on a Cruise to the Caribbean in October, that’ll be fun too!

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