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You know, I have said for four (or has it been five?) years now, ever since I started doing agility, that we need to have holodecks like in Star Trek where we can practice in an authentic competition environment. I would so love that. Train there, work through all the distractions… but maybe that’s one of the whole points of agility, that you never can really train for a competition environment. Not unless you have fun matches to go to, where you trial. Around here we might have one or two a year, if we are lucky. We didn’t have any last winter.

Even though I have not found a virtual agility game, I have found a virtual football game. I used to watch a lot of football when I was in High School, and the other day I was thinking I would, sometimes, like to do so again. This game is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) which are my favorite kind! So if you want to know football superstars, or be one yourself, you can download it this fall and play.

My cousins back in Chicago played soccer when they were younger, so it’s kinda in the family, too. And if you are new to soccer, or you know all about it, this game looks like fun for both!

So until a virtual dog agility game comes out, this might be fun!

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  1. By virtual dog agility game, do you mean a game where you play the dog? or where the dog gets to practice?
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