Another Flyball Tourney Over

Van and TrailerGot back from the flyball tournament today. It was fun. I will be looking up our results and posting about them soon, either here or on the new blog I set up for our flyball team.

It was great, Chase did awesome as usual, though he tore a gash in his shoulder at one point, not sure how. I think it was in the trailer but I’m not sure. I need some steam cleaners or a little vacuum for the trailer and van, if I’m going to be doing this for a while. Chase bled a bit in the trailer, poor boy. We are going to take him to the vet tomorrow for a check. It’s nasty looking, but he doesn’t act in pain, and I did clean it out.

Muffit got to do some box practice on Sunday on a real team! He was an alt and did some warmups. He did great! I am so amazed that he is so much better at tournaments than he is at practice. I have to think on that some.

Tatum also had a great time and she’ll post about it on her own blog soon. I’m dead tired, and going to head to bed early!

4 thoughts on “Another Flyball Tourney Over”

  1. Hey marie.. I am sooooo pleased with Muffit! So why on earth is he better at tournaments! LOL. Maybe because the dogs are all spread out, and at training they are concentrated. Hrm…

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