Pfft what a Week

Well, I’m here.. sorta. I’m still recovering from my server’s hard drive failure. I still haven’t gotten all these blog posts restored, but I’m getting close. Then yesterday when I tried to tweak mysql for better performance, I lost database connection for a few hours. I’m glad that worked itself out!

Maybe I shouldn’t count on any IT job search for myself lately. LOL since my server knowledge is extremely limited. Oh well, it’s working again and my backups are better than before.

The dogs are good… I was so excited that Muffit was able to do some box turns at the tournament last weekend! He does so much better at a tournament than at practice. It’s kinda odd, if you ask me. Maybe practice is just too concentrated, where the tournament, people and dogs are more spread out. He will still be a while before he races, but he’s coming along.

Strangely enough my dog things are winding down and I don’t have any competitions lined up for a while. It’s good, I need the break.

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