The Box

Chase BoxSo here is a picture of Chase on the flyball box. He is getting all four feet up on the box, but only because there is a prop in front of the box that pushes him up on it.

I really want to clicker train him to get up there without a prop. His box falls apart at tournaments and he slams it too much with his front, which can cause problems for him when he gets older.

And I’m kinda excited to get Muffit, Chase and Tatum going in flyball. I am just loving it. Even more so… can I admit it? Than agility lately. Maybe I just need a change.

8 thoughts on “The Box”

  1. Flyball has always looked like so much fun to me. I spent about an hour watching it on Animal Planet one day and thought “Rusty could do that” except he’d catch the ball and run off with it.

    Good luck with getting all four feet on their without a prop!

  2. I’m glad that you’re having so much fun in flyball. I don’t think it’s bad that you’re finding it less stressful and more enjoyable than agility. I think the main point is to find something that you and your dogs both enjoy doing!

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 09-17-08

  3. I can’t beleive it! More than agility? Actually I understand why. There’s just something about flyball. I think it’s partially the social aspect! Or at least for me! It’s so fun to be a part of team of people that you enjoy spending time with!

    Christys last blog post..Dylan’s Leg

    1. yeah Christy I like the social aspect too. Though I have met some great people in agility as well! I hope you’ll teach me how to shape those great box turns!

  4. There is nothing wrong with admitting to like Flyball more than Agility.
    It really is a preference, like art, religion or politics, however we don’t talk about any of those, heehee
    I like hanging around people that have the same goal, wether it be Agility, Flyball, Obedience, Rally, Herding or other. As in Flyball, the team in Agility is very supportive of each other. We all do our best.
    Most important to me is my dogs. They have fun, I have fun.

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