All My Dogs Are Perfect

a: being entirely without fault or defect : flawless [a perfect diamond] b: satisfying all requirements : accurate c: corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept [a perfect gentleman]

Muffit and Me2I have just been thinking, lately, that each and every one of my dogs is perfect. Flawless even? I think so. They are who they are, they are themselves. Even their behavior ‘issues’ do not make them flawed. They are like works of abstract art that have no set design. They cannot be judged against any other dog who might know everything and be completely healthy, both physically and mentally, because, like humans, there is no one who is completely healthy and whole. Oh sure, we can come close, so can dogs, but still… we are living beings and that makes us who we are.

I love each of my dogs just as they are. I try to shape their behavior as I can, with training and love, to give them something interesting to do. Of all my dogs, the one I want to shape the most, right now, is Muffit with his issues with other dogs. But still, he is perfect. Flawless. He satisfies all requirements of being a dog, and of being my companion, and he corresponds to an ideal standard. My own.

My dogs are all perfect. In fact, I think the same of most dogs. Sure there are some that are pretty messed up, but still… they are who they are, and in their own way, they are perfect too.

Me, I am not so perfect, especially when I need acne treatments… but fortunately I haven’t needed them for years! But still, I don’t consider myself perfect, flawless… but I do consider myself as having a great deal of value, just for being alive. As I do all living things.

5 thoughts on “All My Dogs Are Perfect”

  1. My dog Roxy is flawless in her love for me. She is so happy to be with me it could be sitting on the coach or taking a walk. I can take her off the leash and she will stay with me.

  2. My golden Klien is totally flawless but I have been trying to make him a little better with our daughter and have been having a really tough time. I just stumbled on Howcast ) and they have had some really insightful videos that have helped a ton!

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