A Trip to the Dog Park

I don’t usually like dog parks… mainly because my dogs don’t do too good at them. But I have to say, some of my dogs don’t do good at them.. but actually, only one doesn’t do good at them anymore. Levi used to be horrible, barking at people, running amok, when he was young. He’s better now though, more mellow and he tires out fairly quickly. yeah.. he’s almost nine so he’s showing a bit of age. Darnit.

These first two pictures are of some dogs we met when there that our dogs wanted to play with. Very handsome and cute indeed!

The Dog Park 1

The Dog Park 2

Anyway, this park, Tanner Park, aka Parley’s Nature Preserve, is awesome. And it’s an official dog park now! It is a gully and it’s about a mile round trip. You go down and walk to a little lake kinda drainage pond at the top, then turn around and head back. The dogs love it, you don’t stand in one place for any length of time.. and to keep moving is much better for the dogs.

The Dog Park 3

The Dog Park 5

Chase and Lucy stayed home, because Chase is the dog that doesn’t like other dogs in his face. And Lucy can’t eat treats anymore. So my husband and I took Tatum, Muffit, Levi and Angel.

The Dog Park 11

Muffit had a great time… he always knows where we are, but he pretends to forget where we are. He doesn’t come back to his name as well as Tatum does (when she’s listening). But I think it’s just because he’s afraid the fun will be over, and it’s not deeply reinforced yet that his name means a yummy treat is in order. He will catch on, I’m sure.

The Dog Park 13

You just can’t get happier dogs than this. This dog park is doggie heaven. We did end up losing Tatum at one point. She forgets about us sometimes. She gets so excited about the other dogs, she tends to ignore us and forget about us and she follows the other dogs. I do think, though, with time she’ll get used to it and listen and watch for us more. She is a good girl and she watches for treats after about the first fifteen minutes of getting all the excitement out of her system.

The Dog Park 12

The Dog Park 14

Tatum just has the happiest darn face when she’s at the dog park. She loves it. She came home and is dead asleep now. She laid right down when she got into the van in her crate. Once she realized it was time to go, she like sighed and was happy that she could relax!

The Dog Park 15

The drive home was restful for them.. and now it’s time to go eat dinner, so I have to wake them up!

14 thoughts on “A Trip to the Dog Park”

  1. wow, neat pics! you should really think about getting into that on a professional level. really! That one w/Tatum by the stream is awsome!

    1. Heya Lindsay… thanks! The dogs get so happy at the dog park. And I love my crate platform in my van! My husband is the best. 🙂

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I love it when the dogs are nice and tired after a good walk. 🙂

    Maries last blog post..I’m going to get a Fit

    1. Hi Tina.. Muffit and Tatum don’t listen very well either, that’s why we go, to teach a recall amidsts a flurry of distractions. They will get it, we just have to go a lot. And I am armed with yummy treats!

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