Happy Birthday Boys

Chase Birthday Five 2So Muffit and Chase are pretty lucky boys. Not only do they get a Gotcha Day each, they also get a birthday. It’s a made-up birthday for the dog sports they are in. We usually celebrate both… and this one was the Made-Up-Birthday-Day on September 21!

Chase Birthday Five 1They didn’t get any Vegas vacations this year… though Chase has been to Vegas and will probably go again! But they did get a Birthday Pizza! It has Chase’s name on it, for being five years old. For the sake of being easy to remember, I made Muffit’s birthday the same day, and the same year as we think he’s about five as well. He was full grown when we fostered him back in December of 2005, but we are just guessing.

Chase got to help his Dad open up the box and cut up the Birthday Pizza. We get these from a local Dog Bakery called Ma and Paws. I don’t think they have a website anymore but the dogs LOVE the treats from there! Chase was pretty eager for his piece of pizza!

muffit 2 Muffit was excited about his too, of course. The pieces are pretty darn big, but that’s okay. My husband cut the thing into eight pieces. So all the dogs got one piece, and then Muffit and Chase got two. Not on the same day, though, since they are big pieces, I think more food than their dinner!

muffit 1 class=I love this look on Muffit’s face… like, don’t take my pizza away from me! But of course we don’t. And even if we do, he lets us, and we give it back or trade for something else. Because if we don’t, then the dogs won’t want to give anything to us at all. How fun would it be to always be taking the good stuff away? No fun at all!

So the boys were very happy. And Lucy got her piece in the blender with some milk, and then dinner a bit after, so it’d run down her throat easily and she wouldn’t throw it back up, silly girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday to those boys!! YIPPEE 5 years old! They are catching up with Dylan!!

    Christys last blog post..Chasin Lizards is lots of fun!

  2. Wow! Doggie pizza! I’ve never heard of that before. I bet they enjoyed themselves.

    timis last blog post..Ouchie! Pretty?

  3. I think my comments got rejected on your other blog because of the link to my post. Hope it goes through now…

    Hey Tatum, don’t know if my previous comment went through ….
    Very cozy and comfy bed,sweet dreams ZZZZZZ….
    I have an award for you at my blog.

    Have a nice weekend!!

    Sushis last blog post..New Awards

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