Lucy in her Chair

Lucy ChairLucy is such a good girl and she’s doing so well with her Bailey’s Chair. Sometimes she still worries us.. okay, most times we are still worried about her. But she’s gained her weight back and her energy is back up to normal, and we are happy about that. My friend Christy reminded me about her lung calicification yesterday (I’d forgotten about it! So wrapped up in her megaesophagus) and we don’t seem to notice that either but we should keep it in the backs of our minds.

Last night, though, she had a bit of an episode where it sounded like she couldn’t breathe, or something was stuck in her breathing tube. I sat up with her for about fifteen or so minutes until it stopped, ready to head off to the emergency vet if necessary. But then she went back to sleep and seemed okay.

She ate breakfast fine this morning, but just now she seemed to have regurgitated maybe half or a third of it. So we are gonna weight an hour or two to feed her again. Poor girl. You can just tell by looking at her that she isn’t too happy when she is regurgitating, or after. Our collie girl is doing so well, but we do worry about her.

Of course we’d be willing to go into debt for any of our dogs if we had too… hoping the debt collection agencies would understand, but they probably wouldn’t! Bleh.

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    1. Hi Pam.. she’s getting better in it, hardly struggles at all anymore even having to stay in for 20 minutes at a time!

    1. I wish I could give her treats too Christy… she is a doll, and she so loves food. Next time I’ll bring honey we can squish into her mouth!

  1. Oh my, she is so cute, she looks like a real girl in that chair πŸ™‚

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  2. Lucy is a very lucky girl to have you both as her mum and dad. I love all animals and hate to see them suffer. I’m mostly a cat lady myself, and we’ve cared for many waifs and strays over the years. It’s so distressing when they get sick, you feel so helpless somehow. Anyway, well done with Lucy and keep up the good work.

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  3. Oh Lucy is just beautiful and she looks like royalty in her Bailey’s chair! πŸ™‚

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  4. Hey, My dog, Stitch, recently got diagnosed with having Megaesophagus just today, the reason and exact disease is still unknown, which is extremely frustrating. He’s a shetland sheltie that I got around 3 years ago for my birthday. Seeing all this and reading about it starts to scare me, being a strong person about it and working with the vets to help stitch is all I want now.. Thank you for blogging and creating this site! along with the pictures I have a vague idea of what I could do to create a similar version of the Bailey Chair. Thanks again!

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