Muffit and the Husband

Muffit In The Water 9-19-2008 1-13-09 PMMuffit is such a good sweet boy and he’s coming a long way in his training. His box work is so great for flyball! Of course his behavior still needs some work. Maybe if I join the wine of the month club I can cope with him better! But I just like wine so never mind. LOL.

Anyway, Muffit has a very hard time with impulse control, and just general control, when he gets over stimulated. And he can get over stimulated pretty easily. This picture of him is from the dog park.. he loves the dog park and he does quite well there. He also does good at flyball tournaments and on walks. Where he doesn’t do good is at flyball practice.

So my Husband (he is such a wonderful guy!) helped me out yesterday by bringing Muffit to flyball practice but staying far away. My husband got a little bit too close and Muffit lost his mind and could no longer think, but that’s okay, the more my husband works with Muffit, the more he’ll be able to read Muffit’s body language and know when he is over threshold.

The basic idea is to introduce Muffit to the flyball practice area slowly so as to desensitize him, as well as reward focus towards us humans with the clicker, as much as possible. It’s like when Muffit gets over excited when the leash comes out. He has to learn to control his excitement and sit to put his harness on and his leash on. The same goes for flyball practice. He has to learn to control his excitement and still be able to think and work. Plus, he’ll be happier that way as well. None of us like to be so over excited with anxiety and excitement that we cannot focus and concentrate!

We have four or five years of bad training to over come with this boy, but I have faith, I’m sure we can do it! Muffit is such a lover boy, very snuggly, very loyal. And when he’s more confident, he can be a little brat too. We like confident brats! 🙂 It tells us the dogs are happy and secure!

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  1. I hope you get it to work out! He really will LOVE flyball if he’s able to learn to focus on it!

    Oh and after we practice him at my house we might try to move him around a bit. I bet we could borrow Paul’s back yard and then maybe a couple of parks I know!!

    Christys last blog post..My blog is moving.

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