What I’ve Been Doing

Well I haven’t been posting much now have I? Well, I’ve been workin’ hard at my work. Which is just not as much fun as dog things for sure. But in my free time I’ve also been working on the Utah Dogs website that I have up.

Since the host lost their hard drive Utah Dogs took a hard hit. I think I have an old database backup, but I don’t have a recent one, so I’m rebuilding the whole site from scratch. Again. I swear for the zillionth time. On the good side, I have really good backups now, LOL, that I probably won’t ever have to use because the host also has good backups now too.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Tonight I have obedience class with Tatum and Levi. Tomorrow I have two appointments for my neck… an MRI (or it might be a CT not sure) and then Physical Therapy at noon. I am looking forward to both, as my neck has been hurting pretty bad lately. Bleh.

The banner above was done for me by Lora over on It’s The Dog’s Life.. isn’t it amazing? She does such a great job!

10 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing”

  1. I periodically back up my WP blogs because I don’t trust the host’s backups, but I probably don’t do it as often as I should. At home I have all my important data running on a Drobo (spooky proprietary quasi-RAID), with nightly backups to an external 700GB drive, and monthly backups to a removable drive that I keep in a drawer at work. Makes me sound a little paranoid, doesn’t it?

    Dennis the Vizslas last blog post..You Cannot Eat It

    1. LOL not at all paranoid! Just safe. I have much better backups myself now, which I’m glad for. They can save our butts!

  2. The website looks great! I love the banner, Lora is super talented. 😀

    I really should back up more often, but my computer is more likely to crash than my webhost I think!

    Hope everything went well with your neck today

    1. Hi Leann, Lora is awesome! Thanks for your visit… neck is okay, a bit painful today, it was better yesterday. 🙂

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