Muffit in a Basket

Muffit and ChaseSo last night as I’m online and fighting with the wireless router to get more bandwidth from my husband… he, my husband, says I have to go into the computer room and have a look at something. I was hoping he wasn’t gonna yell at me for stealing bandwidth, lol, but I went anyway and this is what I found. My husband said he was looking and looking for Muffit and couldn’t find the goofy boy, until finally he saw his head sticking out of the laundry basket.

Muffit In A BasketI had to laugh so hard and try to keep myself from laughing at the same time, because I knew Muffit would get up and come to me if I was too vocal or silly. LOL but look at this goofy boy, all snuggled into this nice laundry basket bed. 🙂 He is such a super sweet cutie boy. I adore Muffit. He’s too needy, and insecure, for sure, but we are working on that. He is very cute and sweet!

I have been doing some mat work with him lately and I think it’s working really well. He is so bouncy when I work with him that he doesn’t know that he can be calm. So we are teaching him to realize he can be calm. And he’s a good boy, he learns fast.

It’s interesting to watch Tatum and Muffit learn. I’ve been working with Muffit on the same things I work with Tatum. Why not, I have all the stuff out, including a dumbbell. Tatum is a very cautious learner. She is very smart, and once she knows something it sticks. But at the beginning she stands there and looks at me and it just seems like all these thoughts are going through her head. Like “I really want that squeeze cheese and maybe if I go around the Mum she’ll give it to me” or “Hrmm I know I can get that doing just exactly what I want to do” and maybe “if I divide the square root of twelve by thirty to the power of ten…” LOL it does seem like she’s doing the math sometimes.

Muffit, on the other hand, is eager to try anything with me. But he’s so frantic about it that he forgets, it doesn’t stick, or he just has blonde moments. But in the end I think Tatum and Muffit learn at about the same rate, they just get there differently. I love knowing how they learn, it fascinates me.

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  1. I love Muffit. He’s such a cutie! Cool that he’s getting to work the same things as Tatum. I always think it’s funny to try to teach all the dogs the same thing, not two of mine learn alike. Go figure.

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 10-15-08

    1. Hey Marie.. it is fun, how dogs learn so differently. One advantage to having six dogs.. huh… to see how different they learn!

    1. Hi Amy, he is completely cute for sure. I think that was the problem with his adoptions… we are his fourth home. He’s cute, and has lots of energy!

    1. Hi Lindsay, yup, basically the mat is supposed to be a calm place for them. Muffit gets so frantic he has a hard time being calm. So we are hoping this will work for him!

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