Knowing Tatum’s Siblings

I just have to say thank you thank you thank you to those of you who have emailed with me who have, or know about, Tatum’s siblings. In rescue it’s just so rare to actually know where litter mates have gone. I guess in a situation like a collector it might be more common. But I don’t know the siblings or history of any of my other rescues, I’d need to have a Garmin GPS to even hope to find any of them, and so it just overjoys me to know, and talk to, those who have Tatum’s relatives.

This picture is of Tara, one of Tatum’s sisters. Isn’t she a doll, and doesn’t she look just like her? I’m going to have to get some similar pictures up of Tatum, her sisters and her brothers, to show how similar they are. Of course we are not 100% sure these are her littermates, as records were not kept, but they look and act so much alike that it’s amazing. Unfortunately Foxy, one of Tatum’s sisters, passed away a few weeks ago. We miss her and love her even though we never met her.

I’ve been slacking lately and haven’t replied to emails or posted pictures… probably because I’m PMSing and I usually like to cave up and hide when I am. But I’ll work on it tomorrow. If I don’t spend all day practicing agility and flyball. Ooo but that sounds like lots of fun too!

2 thoughts on “Knowing Tatum’s Siblings”

  1. Brutus and Rufus being litermates was the sole reason I kept them. Its so hard to place them together and I couldn’t bare the thought of separating them. It must be comforting knowing where Tatum’s sibs are. I wish I knew where more of B and R’s are. I know a couple are dead, but hope there are others that are living in wonderful happy families.

    saint lovers last blog post..Bark Park #16

  2. The only dog that I have that I know of a littermate to is Raven, because my mom and dad have her sister, Hannah. Wish I knew where some of the other dogs littermates were…

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