On the Couch and On the Bed

yeah.. our dogs are spoiled. 🙂 And I am a big pushover when it comes to the dogs laying on the bed. They will move when I stand up… sometimes Lucy will growl, but I laugh at her and make her move anyway.

The first picture, on the couch, is Tatum, Levi, Glitter (the sheltie we are baby sitting) and Muffit.

The second picture, on the bed, is Levi, Muffit, Angel and Glitter. Glitter is a sweetheart! She always has to be with me or on me. She’s a doll. At one point Lucy was also on the bed, but my husband didn’t get a picture with all five dogs on the bed, just the four! And I’m snuggled under my blankets sleeping. 🙂

As you see. Glitter the sheltie is right up there on both pics! LOL she is a fancy pants sheltie for sure. A spunky girl, she needs some fancy jewelry to fit her personality. Chip, her brother, is a sweet boy. He’s young, and he and Muffit have been playing a lot and wearing each other out, which is always good!

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    1. Hey Alasandra… how did you get the RSS of blogs on your sidebar? The Your Blogs List.. I like that! I’d like to do it too. Please email me back! Thanks!

  1. NIce! It makes the picture that I took of the three shelties on the couch look like we’ve got tons of extra space! LOL

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