A Tatum Training Session

Tatum and Levi CampingWell… I’ve been working with Tatum some. Not as much as I should, I know… but what the heck. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a big training day. The advantage to having six dogs is that if I am only supposed to work a dog for five to fifteen minutes each, and I’m in training mode, I just switch to another dog!

So anyway, Tatum is a pretty stubborn and sassy girl. All my training career (not sure if I can call it a career since I make no money.. I just spend money!) I have had trouble fading the treats. Lucy is a prime example, she would not work unless I had treats in my pocket.  It seems Tatum is becomming the same way. With Lucy, we had to put the bag away, and the when she did what I asked, we ran to the bag for treats. And then randomizing when she gets the treats.

Tatum, it seems, may think that the treat, or the lure, is part of the exercise. Like a treat in her nose and a hand going up is part of the sit.  She does know the verbal, she will, occasionally, sit for just the verbal, but not usually. And, unfortunately, I don’t really know how to effectively clicker train and fade the treats at the same time.

So this is something we are working on. And, my trainer found out that collie girls can be stubborn brats! LOL but we already knew that. I love Tatum’s sass and that’s one of the reasons I couldnt’ resist keeping her. She has a major attitude and is really full of herself.

In training her on Saturday I’d walk her around the room then tell her to sit… and she didn’t. If I didn’t lure her into it or show her the treats. So i walked away and let her stand in the middle of the room until she did something. Well, she stood for probably five to eight minutes. Not moving, just standing, with this mad look on her face.  Finally she laid down and when she did, she got a click and a treat.

Oh boy this girl is going to be a challenge. I did expect that, though. I never did know how to train Lucy, my older collie girl. Levi is such a pleaser… the boys are usually such dorks and goofy and just want to please and will do anything. Chase is more like a collie girl but he’s still a boy and has his boy ways.  Tatum… she is going to be a steep learning curve for me.

So no more luring with her, I have to put the bag of treats away, then when she does what I ask… one command at a time, like we work on sit for one week, then I’ll go and get the treats.

I don’t want to make her afraid or freak her out or anything, she does have that bad past she came from living at a hoarder’s house.  But she hasn’t cowered or stopped taking treats for months. I really think she’s not afraid anymore, she’s just being sassy!  So we’ll see how obedience goes with this sassy girl of mine!

3 thoughts on “A Tatum Training Session”

  1. What a sassy little girl! Sometimes I have that problem with Dylan! I have screwed him up pretty good! LOL But Marley always offers up behaviors I haven’t even asked for on the slim chance she may get a treat!! haha

    Have fun with Tatum and training!

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  2. Haha. I had to laugh when you described Tatum as being totally full of herself! I really like your posts on training and all your dogs’ behaviors.

    Ace is a lot like your boy dogs, just very eager to please which makes training pretty easy. I love the different challenges each dog brings. I think that would be the best part of owning multiple dogs.

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