Always on Cue, Only on Cue

The Dog Park Okay so this part of clicker training has escaped me from the first day I started clicker training. yeah I know I’m a dork sometimes. It’s really hard for me to learn out of a book. I love to read, I love to learn about dog behavior and clicker training and how it works… there’s just a lot of it that I have to have someone answer my questions directly or else I get lost.

It’s the same with my work. I can’t learn programming out of a book. Oh.. I can learn a fair amount, but to really know it, I really have to work in a class or with a teacher.

So today during our chat discussion for my Cyber Agility course, our instructor, Helix, explained what I have been missing for years. So don’t laugh just listen. LOL

My dogs are great at offering behaviors. The offer all over the place and I’ve never understood how to get them to stop offering and only do the thing on cue! So she said… are you ready for the revelation? Wait for it….

Stop clicking the offered behavior! LOL yup, simple as that. Only click when you give the cue for the behavior, not the offering of it. Okay so see, maybe I’m just a dork, and never got that before. But now I get it and I’m excited about trying it! Though I feel kinda mean about not clicking, but Helix also said it’s just giving the dog information by not clicking. There’s no need to feel mean!

Today we went to the dog park too, and I lost Tatum for about 20 minutes. Ugh.. she is a dork. The picture above is when we just got there. I wish I could take all six dogs but I can’t handle that many just on my own, especially when I have to keep a close eye on Tatum. Not that I did good at it anyway. 🙂 Someone found her, called home from her tag, and my husband gave her my cell phone number and she called my cell and she told me where my brat girl was. LOL. She even got stuck in the stream and a nice gentleman pulled her out. That Tatum… she is a brat! I love her! Fortunately I didn’t get any Plantar Fasciitis on the walk.. lol, my feet are good an healthy! And my sprained ankle hardly hurts at all anymore.

9 thoughts on “Always on Cue, Only on Cue”

  1. Marley does the same offering of behaviors! She tries so hard to get treats that she does a bunch of different tricks. I’ve never tried to get her to stop because I think it is hilarious. She’s not competing in anything though!

    1. Yup exactly! We all train to what we want in our own dogs, which is the best part! 🙂 I want to do obedience in the ring, so I have to fade the treats. Bleh. I keep saying… at sea world they give the animals, marine and land animals both, treats all the time. So I want treats in the obedience ring! LOL

  2. We have a German Shepherd and he will ONLY sit for food (Or by the front door to wait patiently so he can scare the mailman 🙂 )

    Trying to get him to lie down is a joke… it’s not going to happen! Unless of course it’s by his own choice, in a really annoying place – like right in a doorway so you can’t get out.

    Due to local laws we are unable to take him off his lead unless on private property 🙁 We try to take him to places he can run about free as often as possible though. I think he would love to run away and get lost like Tantum!

    Jonathan Hunts last blog post..When Rats Turn Green – Introducing New Rats

  3. Oh, I love this. Are you really serious about clicking the offered behavior? Gosh, my dogs would be following me around so they could sit, shake and down for me all day long! It would be total chaos around our house. They give it a try with us once in a while. But that doesn’t go around here.

    I love your blogs and your dogs. Especially Tatum. She sounds like such a character! And it sounds like you are doing such great work with your pack of dogs. Keep up the good work!

    Teresas last blog post..Cats can get into some of the most embarrassing places

  4. I think it sounds like you got your money’s worth out of the cyber agility even if this is the only thing that you take away from it. That’s super!

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 11-12-08

  5. Ace does the offering of random commands he knows as well. I’ve never done clicker training with him, but it would work really well with him.

    Ha, sometimes the poor dog wants his food so bad he goes through and does half the tricks he knows without me even asking him.

    Your dog parks are huge compared to ours. Ours are just maybe half an acre fenced in and you can see your dog from anywhere in the park. It’s impossible to lose a dog, but I wish we had dog parks like yours.

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