I Interrupt the Dog World for Shopping!

So… I haven’t been posting in a couple of days, instead I’ve been napping, cleaning the kitchen a little bit, doing some dog training, and kinda goofing off. Well, relaxing goofing off really. Which I need more of, and I don’t get enough of, and so I’m going to get some!

And did you know that Christmas is coming up really, really fast? Oh my gosh… I am not ready, I have to do major holiday shopping and it’s almost getting too late to do it online.

I usually pay with my credit card but I’m getting tired of paying the bill each month. So I’m looking at this new service called eBillMe. You use cash to pay… they deduct the cash amount directly out of your checking account. It’s kinda like an echeck but a little bit different. And, they are having a contest too, which would give me some cash over the holidays if I won!

So go check out the link, and you’ll be helping me win a contest! He he.. well, not sure if this blog is popular enough to get enough clicks, but I can try can’t I? 😉

Okay back to dog training… gonna go train some agility with Chase this afternoon. Should be fun. Then I’m coming home and maybe I’ll nap again!

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