Where Were You Five Years Ago?

Levi and Angel 2003I was just sitting around and looking at old pictures from five years ago and wondering where life was then. And where my life and dogs will be in another five years.

Five years ago was 2003… and we were fostering a couple small dogs, a silky terrier mix named Jojo and a Shitzu named Sammy.  We only had Lucy, Levi and Angel at that time. This picture is of Levi and Angel at an agility trial my husband came to and brought Angel with.

Levi was only four and we’d only had Angel for a year. Lucy was only five and she was healthy and strong, didn’t have the medical problems she has now.. the megaesophagus, the incontinence, and the general not feeling well.

Our family was smaller, but happy.  My husband and I had just gotten married in March of 2003. We live in the same house.  We have different vehicles, though.  I still had my Toyota Pickup as I didn’t get my Outback until 2004.  Now my Outback is for sale and I have a minivan, and three more dogs.  Wow a lot can change in five years.

I wonder where I’ll be five years from now. Lucy and Angel might not be alive.. hopefully they will, but we just never know. Levi, too, will be old or gone.  Lucy would be fifteen and Levi would be fourteen. We don’t know how old Angel is but we suspect she’s around twelve now.  So she’d be seventeen, if she lives that long.

Chase will be ten, and so will Muffit. Tatum will be about eight.  And it’ll be time for a new puppy, I hope. And I will be retired, or thinking of retiring.  Which makes me very, very happy!  Maybe we’ll be moving to Richfield, Utah, and getting some property and some sheep or goats.

Where do you think you will be in five years? Where were you five years ago?

9 thoughts on “Where Were You Five Years Ago?”

  1. This has not been a good week for the Lucys! Our Lucy is feeling much, much better this afternoon and she says that she’s sending lots of positive thoughts to your Lucy for a quick recovery too!

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 11-19-08

  2. Ooops! I meant that last comment to be for your post about Lucy. Typical! LOL As for where I was 5 years ago…not in a good place in my life. In fact, it was just about the lowest point in my life so far. But…I survived, and I am so much more grateful for my life now and my friends and family! So wherever I end up in 5 years, I hope that I can hold onto those lessons I learned 5 years ago.

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 11-19-08

  3. 5 years ago Dyl was just a baby! I was trying to figure out how to manage a maniac english pointer pup and learned very quickly that it’s nearly impossible to wear him out. I spent every day at the dog park since I couldn’t trust him off leash in an unfenced area. I watched him run and play for hours in hopes that he would get the exercise he needed to mellow out.

    Christys last blog post..Taking it off together Tuesday on Wed

  4. lets see, 5 years ago I only had 2 dogs – Zeus and a newly acquired Hera. Life was alot quieter. I had a backyard for them to run around in and I had alot to learn about dogs. It was a simpler time thats for sure, but I am so glad I have the big pack that I have now.

    Saint Lovers last blog post..Dog Park Play Date

  5. Five years ago I remember sitting out back on a friend’s porch, listening to some good music, enjoying some good food, and playing with my black lab, Jack.

    Ah, things have changed a LOT since five years ago. Now I don’t have any dogs at all, and I miss them terribly.

    I also have to agree with Ann and Marie, though, five years ago I wasn’t in a very good place as I am now. Time really does make you wiser; well, most of the time anyway.

  6. Wow. Brought back some memories. We had just finished renovating a house in the UK and made enough money to move to Spain and buy a house outright at 30 years old. Yay!
    We had one dog then, Sam who was 15 but gladly spent his final years in the great mountainous wilderness where we now live. Oh Sammy dog was the best. A true best friend. I feel sad thinking about him, but he had a great life so I guess that is all you can ask for.
    Now we have three dogs and all is crazy most of the time but one thing I wil never forget is seeing him come around on the baggage carousel in a big dog crate with everyone staring at him! I can almost picture them thinking “Well I know that’s not my luggage”!

  7. Five years ago I didn’t have any of the animals I do now. My old golden retriever Brittni was still alive. I was still in college and single. I wasn’t doing as much as I should have with animals. I certainly did not have a blog, but I still wrote a lot. I am much happier now. In five years, I’m sure I will have another dog. I am assuming Ace and the cats will still be around, too.

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