Chase is Missing a Tooth

Chase's Missing Tooth
Extracted Tooth

Well, Chase went into the vet on Thursday for a routine teeth cleaning. I didn’t really think he needed it… but my husband said Chase has been scratching his mouth a lot lately. When Lucy scratched at her mouth a while ago, her tooth ended up being cracked and she had it pulled.
Our vet’s teeth cleanings are usually a month out, but they had a cancellation and so we were lucky to get Chase in sooner.

Chase Frog Dog
Chase Frog Dog

Well, when he was under, the vet found a cracked tooth in the upper left of his mouth. It was a molar. And the vet said it was so cracked she could see pulp. Ooo yuck! But more than yuck, poor Chase was probably in a lot of pain. That darn boy, he doesn’t let us know when he’s in pain!

I’m not sure if you can see it well in the picture above… my husband held his mouth open while I snapped only one picture. Chase didn’t like having his mouth opened for a picture but he’s actually a good boy and held fairly still.  When I looked into his mouth yesterday, there was a fairly good sized gap with a couple of stitches in the middle. It looked like it was still painful. We gave him a little Rymadil and it seemed to help him. And he was playing with Muffit and Tatum this afternoon, something he actually hasn’t done for a while.

So now he’s on the road to recovery. He’s not going to go to agility practice on Saturday, or flyball practice on Sunday… which, I’m sure, he’ll be displeased about. But I think his mouth needs to heal up and his body needs to conserve energy.  And I don’t want him tugging much with those stitches in his mouth. So he gets a break. Maybe next time we’d consider getting the tooth capped, or crowned… but I’m not sure how that works. Maybe it would be better for the dog, when the tooth is a molar. Actually, I didn’t even know that was an option until just recently!

So anyway, I can work with him doing some watch work this weekend, that’ll be good for both of us. Chase is such a good boy. I feel really bad that he was in such pain and we didn’t know!  After Lucy’s bladder infection, and now this… it wasn’t a very good week for dog health! Hopefully they will heal up soon and be fat and happy in a few days. As for me, time to sit down with some good Amazon books and have a nice relaxing evening. And tomorrow I’ll stay home too, watch some TV, and drink tea.

11 thoughts on “Chase is Missing a Tooth”

    1. Hi Lora.. thanks! Chase is doing better. Tho he tugged a toy this morning and I could tell it hurt. He still needs some time. 🙂 I hope Zeus is okay!

  1. Well, now Chase and Zoe are both toothless hillbilly dogs! LOL Hope he’s feeling better and that you both get some well deserved rest this weekend!

  2. hmm i`m sorry about the tooth, must have hurt the poor boy a lot. i`m glad all is well again!

    he definatly deserves a treat for being a god boy 😉

    greetz roger

  3. Poor chase, Hope he feels better soon! We missed him at flyball yesterday!

    Christys last blog post..Feeling Better!!!

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