Chase Did Great in USDAA Agility

Chase did so great this weekend in agility! We had a USDAA trial. So far in USDAA, we haven’t had too much luck. My obedience trainer tells me maybe the two month break we’ve had (or more? We competed last in September…) might have helped him. Maybe so.. maybe he is better off not trialing every weekend. I need to get that boy some sports gifts he did so good!

Here’s his Standard Run:

I didn’t have my camera with me on Saturday… so this is his Sunday standard run. We didn’t really need it, he already has three standard legs (got his 3rd on Saturday and I guess we can’t move up in USDAA).

He listened very well. There were some tricky twists and turns too, but he really hung in there and was fast. He only dropped bars on the jumpers run on Sunday, and he was in a flyball moment and barreled through the first jump, wanting that tunnel he could see in front of him. Also, he got the wrong end of the tunnel. 🙂

Here’s his Jumpers run:

He got two titles this weekend. His pairs PI title and his standard PI title. He already has his Snooker PI title. He doesn’t have any jumpers legs yet, or gamblers legs. I’m not sure why no gamblers legs… since he is such a great distance dog. I’m sure it’s something I do each time, instead of him.

Here’s his Gamblers Run:

In his Gambler’s run I didn’t direct him to the jump, which was the first gamble obstacle, very well. So he missed it and back jumped. He would have gotten it otherwise! ..Watching this gamblers run, Chase did exactly what I asked him to. He is such a good boy! Handler error! 😉

Our next USDAA trial isn’t until April 2009. I don’t know if I’ll be going to it or not. I have a flyball tournament that month too, and flyball will probably take precedence. I am excited to run Chase in more ASCA and DOCNA, which we should have a few of next year!

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