Levi and Novice Obedience

Levi is such a good boy! He is getting up there in age.. he turned 9 this last November 5th.  And he tires out pretty quickly. Much more quickly than he used to. And I watched dogs younger than him at the agility trial who were stiff and sore and really shouldn’t be running anymore.

In addition to this gorgeous jumpers run, Levi qualified in four Novice B obedience runs! We had two ASCA trials in the mornings of Saturday and Sunday, and he qualified in both. His scores were pretty low, mainly because he lost his sits again… maybe he left them in Kansas. LOL. His score was a 172 in the ASCA show. In the afternoon we did UKC. He’s never done UKC before… he got a 187 in that. I was so proud!

On sunday he got 173 in ASCA, and 178 in UKC. In the UKC trial his sits had totally disappeared. LOL and I’d even worked them before hand! Maybe I used them all up. 🙂 But he was a good boy and I could tell he was getting brain fried. So the Jumpers USDAA run, PI, was his last run for the day, and I wanted him to just have some fun and I think that is what he did.

I’m going to enter him in AKC agility in January to see if he can maybe get a leg or two for his MXP. As it goes, and as he gets older, I keep a keen eye out to make sure he’s still physically able to work. And I am counting on the eyes of my friend’s, too, so they can help me see his condition if I am blinded by my wanting to keep working him.. which is possible.

He is such a good boy, it was fun to run him in agility again.

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