Sweet Rough Collie Sasha


Well, I was grumpy as heck last night, went to physical therapy and that helped a little bit. I was dreading having to go to the Humane Society of Utah to pick up another rescue dog, almost sick to my stomach… seven dogs in the house is really too many and tends to put me over my limit.

Sweet Sasha

However, as soon as I saw Sasha my heart melted and I fell in love with her.  she is absolutely gorgeous. She doesn’t have a very heavy coat, which is nice and makes the rough collies easier to care for.  I think she was recently groomed (recently within the last couple of months anyway) because her underside is trimmed straight and so is her tail. But she has some wispies on her feet that will need to be trimmed off (I hate those, they are always the first things I trim off a rescue collie!)

Sasha Sleeping
Sleeping Sasha

Her teeth are in absolutely horrid shape. I think some may need to be pulled. she didn’t want to eat even canned food last night so she could be in a lot of pain. There’s a lot of tarter on her teeth and some of them look like they are poking too far out of her gums. 🙁

Of course the most prominent feature is the scabbing on her nose.  The people who dumped her said that she would rub her nose against a chain link fence and that’s how it happened.. about a year ago.  But the scabs are fresh and there’s no way it happened a year ago. I wonder what could cause such scabbing on a dog’s muzzle like this? We are going to take her to the vet today and ask. My husband, he’s such a great guy, is going to take her in when I’m at work.  The scabs are cracked and her nose is even pink..I wonder if she’s rubbed the dark pigment off her nose and the pink underskin is showing. I wonder if we can put something on the scabs to soften them up so maybe they don’t hurt so much… it’s really got to hurt or itch. I’ll ask Fuzzy Logic she always is a good source of natural remedies for me!

She might be couging a little but it seems, rather, she’s kinda trying to hack things up but nothing comes.  Her health isn’t too bad, and her personality is amazing. I think she’s the first foster ever who we haven’t crated at least for the first night. She has settled in just fine already… though she seems like she may just be a typical collie girl and she might have some nice fun attitude when she gets more confident! I hope so!

She slept all night, she didn’t potty in the house, and she’s very loving.  The people said they couldn’t afford to keep her anymore… well, sure, whatever. Personally, I would starve to death before I gave up any of my pack.

Sasha is one sweet wonderful rescue rough sable and white collie girl!

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  1. Hey.. got your pingback.

    I was in a TTouch seminar a few years ago and there was a rough collie person. She had a dog that developed a very similar issue on her nose.. my gut tells me that the rubbing on the fence was secondary.. that she itched which is WHY she rubbed.. not that she rubbed and developed the scab.

    It’s possible that the vet will see this an know exactly what it is.

    That being said.. is it dry scaley or moist and weepy? I can’t tell. Either way, I highly recommend Azmira’s Rejuva Gel. I used to sell it.. I can see if I can still get it for you. it’s AMAZING… I use it for everything that needs to heal up.

    Let me know if it’s dry scaley or moist weepy and I’ll see what I can come up with that you might already have at home or at least can get at the health food store.

    Fuzzy Logics last blog post..See, The Psychologists don’t think I’m nuts

    1. Heya Jen thank for your reply! Her scabs are dry and crusty and some bits are even falling off. The theory that she had something wrong first and rubbed at it as a result makes much more sense to me. In fact, some of the crusty scabbiness is in by the corner of her eyes, too. Not too much though. I’ve actually never seen a dog with scabies or mites so maybe it’s that.. but I hope not.

      She goes to the vet at 1pm today to get checked out. Oh, she also has dry scabs in her ears on her ear flaps as well. The HSU treated her with Amoxycyllin when she came in. Don’t know if it made a difference or not.

  2. Aww she’s gorgeous! I hope she will find a good home soon, but for now she’s in collie heaven at your house. 🙂 I’ve groomed a couple of dogs (one was a rough collie) with really scabby pink noses and they had lupus…which caused the nose issue. That’s probably not what it is, but you may want to just mention it to the vet.

    Amy and the huskiess last blog post..Is it really that time of year again?

    1. Hi Amy.. actually, Lupus was one of the options the vet said that she could have! I posted about the other things too… to complicated to write about! Thanks for your visit!

    1. Hi Lora! She just settled right in our house like she’d been there for years. Didn’t even upset our pack, which is rare! She does have kennel cough, and that’s the first thing we are treating. Poor girl.

  3. I hope Sasha’s feeling better. One of my dogs is just getting over Demodex that started between his eyes and top of his head and at first just looked like small scabs.

    I’m sure the vet will do a skin scrape and find out exactly what the issue is.

    Colbys last blog post..Cesar Millan’s Mastering Leadership DVD Review Part I

    1. Hi Colby. From what I’ve read, the things I just posted about (new post) could coexist with Demodex. I sure hope it’s not that… but maybe that would be better than any alternatives.

  4. I don’t get why or how people give up their animals- it drives me crazy. They don’t deserve them- if you can’t commit to caring for your animal and feeding them properly and providing a loving home then these people should not get an animal. Sasha seems so incredibly sweet!! She probably has some medical condition that the people who dumped her didn’t want to pay for and just left her to suffer for a year.
    If I didn’t volunteer at a shelter and foster many dogs I wouldn’t have that opinion! I love fostering and adopting wonderful dogs and cats but it burns me that people just dump their pets when they feel like it.
    2 of mine were adopted when they were 10- how could someone give up a 10 year old pet?? One of them is my dog in my thumbnail-Sophie. She had to be euthanized earlier this month when she was 17. She had a great 7.5 years in a loving home she deserved.

    Maureens last blog post..Recession Proof Industries- What is the best?

    1. Hi Maureen thanks for your comment! I’m so sorry about Sophie.. it’s so so hard to loose them. You are amazing to adopt older dogs. It’s so hard to find them homes! I can’t imagine, either, dumping off an older dog of mine. Lucy is almost 10 and she has megaesophagus but there is No Way in a zillion years or for a zillion dollars we would let her go. We love her and will always have her and keep her as healthy and happy as we can.

      I agree the people who had Sasha probably just didn’t want to take care of her. Grrr. Well, we will make sure she is happy and well taken care of now. Those people should get cancer then be dumped off by their families and see how they like it!

  5. She is in good hands now. She looks like such a beautiful dog. She looks so soft! I hope you can figure out what her problems are and get them taken care of. Poor girl!

  6. I don’t get that either. So many abandoned animals! I think there are varying degrees of animal loving… My animals are not my casual pets. I LOVEEEEEE them. They are MINE. They are a part of me. I’m moving to Salt Lake soon. My SHEEP are coming with me. They’re my pets! They are not going to become gyros because they’re inconvenient in the city. They’re rescues! And they’re my buddies… Even if some of them are a bit psycho. I would live in my car before I ever sold my dogs. If it was the worst situation imaginable, I’d find a rescue to take my sheep… But my dogs? They can live in the car with me. I wouldn’t take a billion dollars for one of my dogs. People who give up their dogs are like… another species to me. I *understand* that not everyone is as crazy as me about their animals… I don’t think that makes them bad people. I could just never imagine it. I found a small lump on my girl recently. Our vet appointment is on Wednesday to analyze. I’m trying to stay positive and calm about it. I’ve researched canine cancer online until I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m prepared to get new credit cards if it’s determined that she has cancer, and if that’s what it takes to pay her medical bills. She’s my life. I just can’t see getting rid of a dog because I’m moving into a new place with a no-pet policy or something small like dog food prices. I actually got rescued chickens once for the same reason… Because chickens cost SO much… They’re HUGE, you know, I’m sure it cost at least a grand a month to feed them. *rolls my eyes* People are just… foreign to me, I swear!


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