Sasha in the Snow

Well.. I haven’t posted about it, but Sasha went to stay with another foster family. We miss her… I shed a few tears as I drove away last week and she barked at me as I left. But I went to visit today, Tatum came with, and Sasha is doing so well and is so very happy!

Sasha Playing
Sasha Playing

How can you deny that sweet happy face? LOL she is such a doll. I miss her, but my husband is right, had she stayed here we might have fallen too deeply in love with her and just had to keep her. UGH fostering collies is so hard! I love them all!

Sometimes you just get lucky with a picture and I think this is one of those really lucky ones! I just love the look on her face. She is one sweet happy girl.

Tuesday she goes in to get her teeth cleaned and to have her nose, ears and eyes biopsied.  We get to have her Monday night, then my husband will take her into the vet on Tuesday morning.  We hope she doesn’t come back with something awful with her nose… but we are prepared. If necessary, if she’s terminal or something awful, we’ll just keep her and love her for the rest of her life.

Bonnie in the Snow
Bonnie in the Snow

While I was there I had, of course, to get some pictures of the foster home’s other gorgeous collies! Above is Bonnie, she’s a black tri and isn’t she just gorgeous? Tatum loved playing with her. She’s a spunky sweet collie girl!

Tatum and Roughs!
Tatum and Roughs!

And above is Tatum with all three of her collies. They are so pretty! I just love collies, dangit. I just fell in love with the breed years ago and now always will want a collie or three or four in my life!

Now I’m feeling a bit sick again… I’ve had a bug the last few days, no need for Lipovox but I have been eating poorly so probably gaining some weight. Ugh. Oh well. I’m going to crash on the couch and watch some bad Sci Fi movies… and rest, and drink some eat. As the dogs all sleep around me too. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Sasha in the Snow”

  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful dogs! What could be better? 😉

    Bless you for fostering Sasha and again for being able to let her go. You’ve had a positive impact on so many souls, hers is just the latest. Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey! Sasha’s surrogate foster mom, here!
    Wow, Cynthia! With as much running and jumping around as there was during our “photo session”, you sure got some great pics! Bonny, Fletcher and Bridger all look – CLEAN! I love these hairy, long-nosed animals and Sasha fits into the pack like she’s always been one of us. Happy to have her and I’m sure the vet will give us good news and maybe some ointment, huh? Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Hi Sally! Collies are so photogenic! I’m glad she is doing well with your pack, she is such a complete doll. 🙂 I love taking pictures! I could zip all these up and send them to you too.

  3. Gorgeous! I think Sasha looks so happy, and it’s super that you’ve found someone to help with fostering!!!

    Maries last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 12-17-08

  4. Wow Cyn… I think those are some of the best photos I have seen you take! They turned out GREAT!!!! Cheers!

    Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing. You know what is best for you and for her. I know you miss her. Hugs.

    Saint Lovers last blog post..Apollo’s Ears

  5. Nice pics of her family. Please keep on posting such things…

    Dogomanias last blog post..When to Call the Vet When Your Dog is Pregnant?

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