Keep Those Teeth Clean!

Lilly Girl
Lilly Girl

So when it rains it pours, however, it’s not quite pouring rescue collies, thank the gods. But I just went and picked up another rescue collie girl. She was found down in Saratoga Springs, which is about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City. I took Tatum and Muffit to Tanner Park first, then we drove down and picked her up.

Lilly and the Pack
Lilly and the Pack

But anyway, as per the title of this post, dangit, why is it that so many of the dogs that come into rescue have horrible teeth? Okay okay, sure, I know, they are in rescue, right? Which basically means their homes did not care for them.  But it makes me mad.  My dogs get regular vet visits and their dental care is one of the most important things, and we make sure their teeth are clean and healthy.

So even though I will try to find this girls home (no microchip, no collar, matts in the rear and awful teeth) first, I would hope to get her healthy and make sure her teeth are cleaned up.

We are calling her Lilly for now. She’s sleeping peacefully on a dog bed in the basement near us all.  Have I said recently, how badly I hate rescue?  I do. I don’t feel good about doing something good for the dogs anymore.  Well, I like to see them get healthy and happy. However, I just get angry that rescue has to happen. That so many dogs are homeless, neglected, abused, unwanted and unloved. I love them all, and wish I could keep them all.

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  1. I understand completely how you feel about rescue. It is so wonderful of you to do it, but I know it gets very frustrating. There is a special spot in heaven for you and people like you who take care of these left behind/unwanted/badly treated animals. And we can hope that those that don’t take care of the ones they take in get their punishment in the afterlife.

    Junior’s Meowm

    Juniors last blog post..My gift from my sweet Ninna!!!

  2. Bless your heart! I hear a great deal of disgust in your comments there, Cyn and truly, it is hard to understand how anyone would not be missing this dog and running all over town looking for her. We’re obviously looking at a family pet here. Someone’s friend. I suspect you’re not angry with the program but rather the increase of need lately and the fact that we know we can’t save them all. Can I just offer one or two things? We rarely get to know what is going on in every person’s life who surrenders or abandon’s these animals. Job loss, illness, family issues- all things we know contribute to our own turmoil and possible ruin. Certainly a family pet would be at a great deal more risk in uncertain times.
    We all know there are many people who love their pet at first, but never really integrate them into their family and ultimately, according to our standards, neglect them. Still, there really are sooooo many other people who are willing and able to do their part and someone else’s for a time but just don’t know, first of all, that there is a greater need than before, what to do or where to go to do it. Maybe some of the responsibility falls on us to make sure we are audible, approachable, accessible and as understanding as we can be. It’s a slippery slope, for sure but at the end of the day it’s the dog that needs to be cared for. I wouldn’t want my opinions (and Lord knows I have a few) to ever stand in anyone’s way of trying to do the right thing for their dog even though it may be embarrassing for them. I wonder, I guess, how many of these newbies we have had lately are victims of just that – someone’s back is against the wall and they just don’t trust anyone to think well of them when they really may want to do the right thing by their family pet. Am I being too naïve? Some may say so, but I guess with the task at hand it is far easier on me to feel that whomever surrendered Sasha and now, Lily, are heartbroken – feeling a great void in their home without them, staring at photographs of them from just a few weeks ago maybe and just hoping that things will work out. Here’s the good news for these two girls Sasha and Lily, it will work out– because we’re going to see to it. To me, that’s the miracle of the whole thing – they need us right now and we can be relied upon right now. Head up, Sis!

  3. Well you have saved a lot of dogs over the years. So that makes everything worth it. Plus you have done a lot with your blog by spreading the word about rescuing and properly caring for pets.

    What are some of the best ways to find a home for a rescue dog? I’m going to be fostering a dog soon.

  4. Thanks a lot for your great heart!! I love animals, especially dogs, very much and try to help them to find new home, or at least to feed them. They are more devoted than people (sorry for my English – I am not english-speaking)

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