Keep Those Nails Trimmed

Lily's Nails
Lily's Nails

Rescue still pisses me off… I wonder if anyone would buy a small business for sale… Utah Collie Rescue? LOL okay I’m not quite ready to sell yet. I got some pictures of Lily’s super long toenails. Another thing that makes me pretty angry about rescue dogs.  I trimmed a few of them this morning, and I trimmed off a lot. I saved the clippings and I’ll take pictures of them a bit later.  For now you just get to see how long her nails are.

Lily's Teeth
Lily's Teeth

And I was able to get a picture of her nasty teeth, too. You can hardly see the white of her teeth, they are so covered with gunk. Poor dear.  I tried scraping them off with my fingernail a bit, but nothing would chip off.  Her gums are a bit red above her teeth, too. For comparison, here’s a picture of Levi’s teeth:

Levi's Teeth
Levi's Teeth

Levi doesn’t have the best teeth in the world, but you can see his teeth! He does have a little redness on his gums too. However, the vet says he’s okay. He has had a few teeth cleanings over the years. Lucy, on the other hand, has excellent teeth and has never had a cleaning. She is a lucky girl!

Pretty Lily
Pretty Lily

On a good note, Lily seems happier today. 🙂 She played a little with Muffit and Tatum. She ate all her breakfast, her poop is solid, and she had big drinks. I had to bring her in from eating snow outside. I’ve never seen a dog down that much snow before. Which suggests to me that she was an outside dog, and her water froze so she had to eat the snow. Poor girl. Inside she has lots of water to drink and lots of love to receive.

18 thoughts on “Keep Those Nails Trimmed”

  1. Long toenails are a constant struggle around my house. One of my girls hates it, while the other one thinks it’s like getting a mani/pedi and loves it.

    Here’s a trick about the teeth that we use with all the rescue greyhounds in our group. Raw turkey necks once a week will keep the nastiest grossest teeth clean. I freeze my girl’s turkey necks and they chew on them like a bone out in the yard. The raw turkey is easy on their stomach and lean so it doesn’t pack on pounds. Turkey necks are nature’s tooth brush! Try it and see how your pups like it. Oh, did I mention they are wicked cheap?

    greytblackdogs last blog post..Don’t Call Me Corn Dog

    1. Thanks for the tip gretyblackdog! I haven’t ever given my dogs turkey necks. I have given them chicken necks and they loved those!

  2. I have issues with nails around my house. As my guys get older it’s get harder and harder to trim their nails. Luckily we have acupuncture once a month and the vet does it.

    As for rescue, I agree. I’ve only dabbled in bird rescue and it is heartbreaking. I run into people I just want to yell for the way they treat their birds and they think it’s okay. You have my admiration for doing this for so long. I’d love to get into it to help animals but I don’t know if I can take it.

  3. Oh those teeth! That is horrible! I can’t believe someone would let them get that bad and neglect her nails like that. She is so much better off.

    BTW love your nails!

    1. Heya Lora.. yeah, her teeth are just awful. 🙁 Poor dear.

      Thanks for the compliment about my nails too! They are our flyball team’s colors. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the tips. ChyChy doesn’t have any front teeth anymore, I clean what she does have and she loves it.

    Skitto, Peanut and Chyannes last blog post..Attack Of The Crazy Kitty

    1. Heya S,P, and C. 🙂 Thanks for your comment! We had a rescue a couple years ago who has to have all but two of his teeth pulled. Poor guy, but he does like his new soft diet. 🙂

  5. That’s so sad! Gracie was like that too, teeth and nails. We picked her up and took her to the training center and immediately clipped her nails. Don’t think they had ever been done. Her teeth are better, some broken (even at 6 months old when we got her). But I may try some of those turkey necks, great thought! Love your nails 🙂

    Johanns last blog post..Another way to say…Happy New Year!

  6. Hey, Cynthia, don’t get pissed at Rescue! This ain’t our fault, or your fault. I prefer to get pissed at the idiots who refuse to take proper care of their pets (and I’m getting a bit better at suppressing the snarky remarks about them, at least in polite company).

    On a slightly different topic: maybe it’s not quite raining rescue Collies just now, but I suspect you’ve rescued about as many pounds of Collie this year as we have of Shelties!

    SheltieJims last blog post..A Whirlwind of Activity

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