Does a Foster Dog Affect an Agility Dog?

Border Collie Flyball
Chase Running Flyball

So I have been wondering lately… My border collie Chase, pictured doing flyball to the left, he does not like other dogs much.  Most of his life he’s had foster dogs come and go through our house, and I have told him he has to just deal with it because the foster dogs need a place to live until they find forever homes.

Well, on a silly whim we got Gus, a big white rough collie boy, and again Chase hates him. He will tend to launch across the back yard to attack Gus.  We keep them separate so they are all safe, though.

But I wonder if having a recently neutered male dog in our house that Chase doesn’t like.. if it affects Chase’s agility performance.  Chase did so good at the last USDAA trial… and there is an AKC trial coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’m worried that if Gus is still here, will Chase be unable to perform well at agility? Or maybe it’s me who doesn’t do as well?  I’m not sure if having a foster dog at home affects Chase in a negative way in his sports outside the home.

I’ll hope to get some videos of Chase in agility and see if I can detect anything. Chase is a very sensitive boy, even though in some ways he’s a very hard boy.  It’s something for me to think about, though. I hope Gus will go to another foster home soon. Unfortunately he’s not fitting in quite as well as I was hoping. Girls fit in much better at our house.  There is nothing wrong with Gus at all, but Levi and Chase have problems with fosters and I do have to think of them first.

5 thoughts on “Does a Foster Dog Affect an Agility Dog?”

  1. I think having a foster can affect Dylan’s mood which definitely could affect his performance! I bet its the same with Chase.

    Christys last blog post..The New Camera

  2. I would guess that living in a stressful environment would impact anyone’s performance. Have you tried dog pheromones or herbs to help calm the situation? That might help take the edge off.

    GreytBlackDogs last blog post..Blame It On the Dog

  3. I definitely think that foster dogs can add to the stress level in the house not only for the other dogs, but for you. Even when it’s a perfect fit, adding another dog changes the routine. When you’ve got dogs that you know are in conflict with each other it’s even more stressful to manage.

    It’s also really difficult to find a good balance when you’re trying to train and compete with your own dogs and do rescue at the same time. Have you had a chance to get Chase anywhere indoors and run agility in the last little bit? It might give you an indication of how he’s going to run for you at the trial.

    Maries last blog post..Layla’s Ears

  4. Well since I have a foster here currently, I totally understand what you mean. I know Ace doesn’t like having Vixen here. He just sulks and lets her dominate everything. He also barks more when someone comes to the door and just has some pent-up frustration because he’s not getting as much training, exercise or attention.

    But.. he’ll just have to deal with it for awhile. I don’t know how you do it with so many dogs. I guess it just has to be the right combination of dogs.

  5. Good blog, I’ll have to return when I have more time to really check it out.
    Use to have a small poodle who I trained to be a squirrel dog–she was great. No longer able to take small dogs in the woods in my part of the country (coyotes and grey wolves) will catch and kill or even worse eat them. At times I hate radical environmentalist.

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