All The Fosters Are Gone

Sasha Happy
Sasha Happy

Well, our house is now empty of fosters.  And it is nice and peaceful. Most importantly, Chase is happy.  Chase does not like the foster boys, and it’s best if we just don’t have any boys. Girls occasionally, perhaps, but no boys.

Sasha went to Wyoming yesterday to her new forever home.  The family lives in northern Wyoming and and they took the weekend to do the six hour one way drive to come and get Sasha. That is some dedication! Sasha will have five kids to play with in her new home.  Sometimes I wonder about a home with lots of kids, but I think this will be a good one.  Muffit was in a home with seven kids for a while, they are the ones that dumped him at the Humane Society.  So that is why I worry. However, I think this family is a good one and Sasha will be happy there.

Sasha has her Pemphigus still, and always will, so we sent her up with her tetracycline and vitamin b3. It’s manageable. Here is a picture of her nose… she has hair growing back!  Her nose looks so good. You can look at the old post of her that has a picture of her nose when we just got her. There is a big difference!

Sasha's Nose
Sasha's Nose

She has a bit of a scab in the middle of her nose from when she was playing a bit rough with Tatum. But it’s healing up, too.

We are looking forward to see pictures of her as she heals up and progresses and plays with her new kids.  I think she is going to be a great dog for kids, but then again, collies usually are!

As for the other foster boy we had, he’s gone… and where did he go? Well, we cannot say.  🙂 It’s a secret!  So we can’t really talk about him.  Leave it to say that he’s going to a place where he will be happy and safe. I removed the posts of him from this blog for his safety.  And no, there’s nothing illegal or anything, but he will be someplace warm and happy and he will have a great life.

And it’s most important for these rescue dogs to have a great life.

Oh and my arm is healing where Chase bit me.  Chase is a good boy and I didn’t get mad at him. I didn’t go to the doctor… didn’t get a tetanus, mainly just because I’m lazy and too busy and a doctor appointment is just not something I want to plan into my schedule!  Ugh! I will watch for streaking and infection but so far there is no sign. I probably should get a tatanus anyway… though I should look into what tatanus really is, because I’d like to know!

So our house is calm again, the dogs are sleeping, and it’s a down day for me. Tomorrow is flyball practice I will try to remember to bring the camera!

11 thoughts on “All The Fosters Are Gone”

  1. I TOTALLY understand what you mean about having your peace back after getting rid of the foster dogs! It is so nice to be back to our usual routine with Vixen gone. It was good to have her around for awhile, but now that she has her family and I have my life back, everyone is much happier. Including her I’m sure.

    Good luck to your former fosters in their new homes!

  2. Oh, I meant to say, if you go the Camera Critters post and click on the logo at the top it will take you to the folks who host it. You should definitely do that one, you always have pictures of critters 🙂

    Flos last blog post..Camera Critters

  3. I’z sure happy Sasha went to her furever home, and dat she’s going to have kids to play with. I luv secrets, I’z bet I can figure them out sometimes. I don’t likes them shots neither, but you better take cares of that bite. I’z never bites hard enough to hurt. I’z just plays like I do, ha ha ha.

    Daddy’s been reading ya-alls bog for a while now. He finally said I could get my ownz bog. So I thought I would invite ya-all to visit.

    Peanuts last blog post..Hello World, My Name Is Peanut

  4. I’m happy that you have a peaceful house and that all the collies are in happy places!

    Christys last blog post..This I Believe

  5. Geee, I saw Christy Saturday and she told me about the bite! Hope you are okay and all is well w/the doggies gang. Its nice to help foster those guys, but its also nice to have them find a forever home too!

    Chriss last blog post..Monday Already

  6. How do you decide whether a dog will be a good foster match or not for your dogs? We’ve taken in lots of homeless dogs in the past two years, and occasionally have had problems with them. Usually because of our alpha dog which is a mixed breed whom was severely abused as a puppy. The last foster dog we took in did great for almost a week, and then he and our jack russell tore into each other, I ended up getting bitten and my husband had forbid me to take in any more foster dogs. How do you know which dogs will be a good match?

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