Six Clean Dogs

Well today was bath day. It was between bathing the dogs, and cleaning the kitchen, and bathing the dogs won out! And it’s a good thing, too. Lucy was the dirtiest. The water ran off her very, very brown! We haven’t given her a bath for a while because of her megaesophagus and we’ve felt bad she’s been sick. But it was time, for sure.

Lucy Wet
Lucy Wet

Lucy hates baths the most, but then again, Tatum hates them almost as much. Angel has to spend hours after her bath licking herself. We think she may have been outdoors and cold and if she was wet, it’d be worse.  And she has such a thick coat that she takes a long time to bathe and a long time to dry, too.  Lucy has a pretty thick coat too. Levi’s is next in line, and then Tatum. Then Muffit with his border collie coat, his isn’t nearly as thick. And then Chase has the thinnest coat of all. He always has.  If you want to see pictures of Tatum, Muffit and Chase, you’ll have to visit Tatum’s blog to see them!

Angel Wet
Angel Wet

I don’t usually bathe all six dogs in a row. The water heater tank was empty when I finally showered myself off at the end, so the water was cool. Not cold, thank goodness!  Muffit’s bath, his was the last, was a bit cooler than I would have liked. We bathe them in our tub. It’s too cold outside (snow on the ground and 32 degrees) and the dog washes are too expensive, even at $12 a dog, when you have six dogs to bathe.

Levi Wet
Levi Wet

Do you bathe your dogs? I hear some people don’t bathe theirs ever. But with all the brown water that comes off, I can’t imagine not bathing them!

My back was pretty sore after. Lifting dogs in and out of the tub, and bending over to bathe them. I try to sit in the tub, but we have to move around a lot in order to get all the dog parts. 🙂 All in all it went well, and it’s so nice to have six clean dogs!

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  1. I bet your back hurts! Mine hurts after I bathe my 7 and mine aren’t nearly as big as yours. That’s quite a workout. There’s nothing better than nice clean dogs though when you’re all done. I just love it!

  2. yea for clean dogs!!!!!!!!

    I try to bath our dogs once a month. We use this Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo that has just the right smell. Not too much but just enough. Maddie hates hates hates bath. I have to line the tub with treats!

    Anns last blog post..I’z havs z Beak!

  3. Yea, you’re back!!! I would bath my dogs about once every 6-8 weeks. Since they’ve both gotten to the point where they can’t stand for more then a couple of minutes, it’s about every 4-6 months now. Of course, since they can’t walk well they don’t go out much and get all that dirty.

    Flos last blog post..Camera Critters

  4. We get baths every Wednesday usually. I get more than Rusty because I have a special shampoo for my bad skin.

    Rusty HATES baths and mommy has to carry him to the bathroom, but I hop in right after him always and never have to be tricked or carried.

    Boomers last blog post..Mailmen, and Other Evil Beings

  5. Much sympathy! We don’t bathe the Shelties very often for much the same reasons you mentioned. When we do, we have the best of intentions — “We’ll bathe three today, three more tomorrow, etc. By the end of the week, they’ll all be clean!” And, of course, we do two today, are too busy tomorrow, and then we forget all about about our resolution 🙂

    My first Sheltie, Merlin (the OTCh), loved getting baths! I recall one day when we returned from an especially strenuous all-day hike up some local mountain. He and I were both filthy and sore, so I offered him a bath before I took one. I filled the tub up with nice warm water, and he hopped in, turned over on his back, and lay upside down in the water with nothing sticking out but his nose! Eyes wide open, just luxuriating in the warm bath!!

    When one of our rescues needs a bath and is really scared, I’ll put on a pair of gym shorts and get in the tub with him or her so I can hold and comfort while bathing. They really seem to appreciate it. Plus, I don’t have to lean over the side of the tub and make my back sore!

  6. Yeah I bathe Ace myself. He has short hair so it’s pretty easy. And he tolerates it pretty well. He gets a bath about every other month. It hurts my back, but I’ve just never been able to let myself pay the $30 or whatever it costs to bathe a lab-type dog when I can do it myself in 25 minutes.

  7. My Two Smooths loves baths, I do give them baths once
    a month. Cool Collies you have….
    Got to love em…

    Cathys last blog post..Once Upon a Time…

  8. I try to bath our dogs once a month. We use this Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo that has just the right smell. Not too much but just enough. Rodger hates bath. I have to line the tub with treats!

    Sarahs last blog post..Why is Professional Web Design so Important

  9. We bath our dogs about every other week, which I know is a bit much, but because they like to be so close to us all the time (my jack russell is on my lap 99% of the time if I’m sitting down) that I can’t stand stinky dogs.

    Leighs last blog post..She thinks she’s old… But I’m the one who can hardly keep up!

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