Chase Does Great in Agility

The AKC agility trial was fun. It’s nice to see Chase and I finally running together better! We didn’t get any Qs (Qualifying Runs) but we had fun and I think Chase did really well. He knocked bars on runs he would have otherwise qualified on, which is frustrating but something we can fix.

This first video is from Friday, Chase’s open JWW run.

This second video is from Saturday, Chase’s Open JWW run… someday we’ll pick up that last Open Jumpers leg and be able to move into Excellent. LOL

And this third one (I know, three is a lot for one post but I don’t want to break out another post!) is Chase’s Sunday Open JWW run. Again no Q, but he did great. He didn’t get that last jump before the tunnel but that was my fault because I knew a bar went down and so we wouldn’t have qualified anyway:

Overall three runs I’m quite happy with. He broke his start line in Excellent Standard on Saturday, I won’t bother to put that two second run up. LOL. I walked him off the course. I tried to lead out too far and Chase doesn’t have too good a start line stay and so I don’t usually test it in a trial.

His excellent FAST on Friday was pretty good too though he didn’t get the weave part of the send. And the FAST on Saturday was a hard one and hardly anyone got it.

I will make another post about how Levi did!

4 thoughts on “Chase Does Great in Agility”

  1. I thought his entry to the poles on the second video was great. You were running left and you sent him out right to weave and he took it. Very impressive!

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