I Love All My Six Dogs


I do, I love all my dogs. This pictures is not of my dogs, though! LOL mostly the dogs here are Marie’s dogs when we went to visit a couple of weeks ago and looked at property. Tatum is in this picture, she’s the big smooth collie. 🙂 Oh yes, big compared to most of Marie’s dogs, LOL.

But I do love all my dogs and you know what? I am no longer embarrased by having six dogs. In fact, yes, I’d add number seven if the right puppy comes along, hopefully a Danish Swedish Farmdog!

All my dogs have great, unique personalities.  We have a nice calm house even though we have six dogs and they are all herding dogs and they love to bark. Still, I absolutely love knowing each of them as individuals.  And my life would be emptier and bleaker if I didn’t have each and every one of them in my life.

Our house may be small, but my dogs get to do a lot of things. Flyball, agility, obedience, and mybe more in the future. And my husband takes the older dogs to the park so they get exercise too, that they need.

So no, even though maybe heated mattress pads would benefit the older dogs, I love each and every one of them and am not worried that we have so many. I wouldn’t give any of them up for ten million dollars.  They are my passion, my life, and I think they all have very good, full lives.  I am glad we have all the dogs we have. Though much of the time I feel like I need more time to give them all, I just have to sit and relax and realize they all have good lives, and I am so lucky to have them all!

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  1. I have to ask – what do you as a trainer think of the invisible fences for dogs? My husband and I are considering this, I fear hurting the dogs, he fears it just not working. But after talking to an invisible fence brand guy, I’m thinking it may actually work, and be a good thing.

    Leighs last blog post..Advice for Dad

    1. A regular fence is much safer and it doesn’t cause your dog any pain!! Why would you want to shock your dog??

      Christys last blog post..The Swamps of Farmington Bay…..

  2. Hey…….I love all your six dogs too! And you take great care of them! I love all my dogs too!!

    Christys last blog post..The Swamps of Farmington Bay…..

  3. I thought that was Rogue and Layla in that picture. But then I saw Tatum and got all confused 🙂

    I agree, I love all my animals too. I have 6 birds and 2 dogs. That’s not too many, I want more!!

    Flos last blog post..A meltdown today

  4. I love dogs..but in y little farm i have only 8 cats. 🙂

    Profumi Donnas last blog post..Profumi Donna: Le cinque migliori marche. seconda parte.

  5. Hehe I love your dogs too, but I love the ones in the picture more! Tatum fits right in. You hardly notice that it’s not all my usual crew.

    Maries last blog post..Sheltie Family Picture Outakes

  6. I have had many dogs and they are very spoiled they sleep on the bed with me. LOL . I know i shouldnt encourage that. But i love them like members of my family. So i keep them warm at night and they keep me warm too. Maybe wouldnt be so easy with six dogs i guess, they would want to take up all the bed. Great Blog!
    .-= Stephen Plane´s last blog ..House Training Older Dogs – A Helpful Guide updated Sun Mar 28 2010 8:52 pm CDT =-.

  7. We have five and our household runs smoothly. We have a yellow lab, black lab, irish setter and two english setters. We have a dilemma…a friend is looking for a home for her 2 year old english setter because she is high energy (as our two our) and needs room to run, which they don’t have. We have over a half acre fenced yard and she would fit in perfectly with our clan, but taking that leap…to six is scary. I love her already and don’t know what to do…

  8. Hi Michelle! I always tell people now who are asking me if I know of anyone who wants a dog, that it’s so easy to get dogs, and very hard to lose dogs. Six is a lot, as you know from five. I can do 7 but that’s my limit. I always tell people, now, don’t get another one, give the ones you have more attention. But you have to decided for yourself what is best. 🙂

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