Preparing For A Puppy

Puppy Lucy
Puppy Lucy

Oh no! I might be getting a puppy! Why do I say “Oh No”? Well, because there is so much to do! It might not happen until the end of this year, or maybe even next year… but I am hoping for something this summer.

I love puppies. I haven’t had a puppy since Levi was a puppy back in 2000. Levi was born in November 1999, and he came to live with us in February 2000. He was twelve weeks old before the breeder would let him go. Same with Lucy. Though I would like to get a puppy a little bit younger, of course I respect the breeder’s opinions and get the puppies when I can.

I hope to get a Danish Swedish Farmdog.  Or a Finnish Danish Swedish Yard dog. They are the same. 🙂  I am talking to some breeders in Denmark and Sweden and Finland.  And I have a local friend here who is from Finland and speaks Finnish which is a huge help!

I hope all my rescue friends won’t hate me for getting a puppy.  I will continue to rescue… though I’m pretty burned out with rescue.  I’ve dedicated over 10 years to rescue and now it’s time for a non-rescue dog.

The breeder in Finland has a litter on the ground and is expecting two more.  I am trying to contact PetMove to see about costs and stuff for transporting a puppy. Of course the weather has to be just right to fly a puppy overseas.

I’m excited about a training plan for a puppy!  I will have to build PVC hoops to teach the puppy basic groundwork. No jumping or excessive running until the puppy is over a year old, I do not want to strain her little bones and joints.  I will be very careful with the puppy physically and emotionally.  I will socialize her everywhere, taking her to all sorts of places, teaching her to be quiet in the car, and comfortable in all types of situations.  Yes, I think I am ready for a puppy!  A nice well bred happy confident healthy puppy! I would love to do obedience with her, and do Utility!

Yes, I’m excited.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted as things develop.  Hopefully when a breeder and I agree on a puppy, I’ll be able to post pictures of the sire and dam, as well as the puppy herself. But only if it’s okay with the breeder. If the breeder prefers I don’t post pictures, ya’ll will just have to wait until I get a puppy, then pictures galore!

And yes, I want a female for various reasons.  A little sweet girl. I don’t care what her markings are like, I just want a nice solid working dog!

11 thoughts on “Preparing For A Puppy”

  1. YAY – I won’t hate you for buying a puppy from a good breeder!! I’d only hate you if you knew what you know and bought from a puppy store or BYB anyway!!

    Christys last blog post..The Swamps of Farmington Bay…..

  2. Cynthia, how could we criticize you for wanting a puppy! Maybe for wanting a Danish Swedish Farmdog 🙂 (Is that actually the breed’s name?) Seriously, I understand your desire. As much as I love and adore my Abby, the fact is that she was two years old when she came into my life and I didn’t have the joy, pain, pleasure, and frustration of teaching a puppy the ways of our world.

    Besides which, you saw me with Layla! I cannot avoid smiling like an idiot when there’s a Sheltie puppy in my arms, or even nearby.

    SheltieJims last blog post..Senior Adopts Puppy

  3. How exciting!! A new puppy!! With all the work you’ve done helping other dogs and taking them in, you deserve a puppy. I can’t wait to hear all the details and see pics.

    Flos last blog post..A meltdown today

  4. Another Dog! You crazy!

    I don’t know how you do it. Six Dogs must be amazing but a lot of work and now another one may be on the way. The lure of the puppy is almost too much to bear. It is great playing with the tiny bone munchers.

    I hope you get one soon.

    the three dog bloggers last blog post..How To Train A Dog In Seven Days

  5. Puppies are so much fun and so much work. I got a Great Pyrenees mix from the shelter for my birthday and I adore him. The cats haven’t decided how they feel about him yet. He is between 6 and 8 weeks old and the sweetest thing. Good luck with your puppy, can’t wait to see pictures.

    alasandras last blog post..Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter

  6. I don’t think anyone will be upset with you for getting a puppy that’s not a rescue. It’s certainly not a crime, silly! I am totally confident that whatever puppy you decide to add to the family…will have a great life to look forward to! 🙂

    Maries last blog post..Sheltie Family Picture Outakes

  7. Get your puppy. Any rescue person that does not appreciate the contributions you have made or who thinks you must only have rescue dogs in your life is too selfish and controlling to be worth listening to.

    Enjoy that baby! Or babies!

  8. I have been having the same issue for the last couple years. Finally I decided that I’d had enough… I want a Sheltie. I has Shelties growing up, and I think they are the most beautiful dogs in the world. I miss my Shelties!! So I sucked it up, decided what I wanted, and contacted the breeder referral person closest to me (who also, it happened, was the owner/breeder of the Sheltie I would like a replica of in a puppy)… It’s really hard to tell yourself that you’re going to buy when you believe so whole-heartedly in rescue… I plan to get my puppy toward the end of this year, or early next spring. I’ll have a year to talk to the 5 breeders whose names I was given. I’m trying hard to buy from the most reputable breeder I can find, who puts the most money from my purchase back into bettering the breed… It really is a horribly hard decision though. I can just imagine myself telling people in the rescue circles “I bought my Sheltie…” and it makes me cringe. Luckily, all of my friends who do rescue also have weak spots for their own pure breed of choice. It’s a hard moral dilemma. :S

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