Charlie is a Border Collie!

Charlie Girl

This is Charlie! She came upon us pretty quickly. She’s a foster and we only probably will have her until Friday morning. In rescue, things happen super fast. Unlike buying a puppy! 🙂 Which can take a long time!

Charlie was at the Draper shelter (a shelter I didn’t even know existed!).  I got an email a few days ago from a shelter person there, saying Charlie was a great collie, and could really needed to be rescued. Well, I do Lassie type collie rescue, not usually border collie. Unfortunately there are a zillion border collies in rescue, which is super sad. Mainly because people want a smart high energy dog… but, they don’t know exactly what that means. If a border collie doesn’t have a job, or something to do, she will give herself something to do and that’s usually chewing or digging or something destructive. So much of the time the border collie ends up in the shelter.

Pretty Charlie
Pretty Charlie

Of course it’s hard to get pictures of a new foster dog, and Charlie is no exception. She is a bit wiggly and excited and doesn’t want to sit still. She was at the shelter for three months! That’s a long time. I guess she didn’t show well. She was shy and afraid and probably depressed. But it’s a shame she was shy and afraid.. because in our house she has already blossomed and we’ve only had her for four hours! She hasn’t barked yet, so she may not make a good burglar alarm. But the rest of our dogs take care of that.

I love her markings. She has a great pretty face. She is very happy and snugly. When I lay on the couch to watch TV, she is laying right next to me, pressing against me, her head on my leg as she relaxes. She loves the contact. She probably has a lot of energy, and is very smart.  She’s young, about a year old. Her teeth are a bit grimy but probably not bad enough to have cleaned. And the wonderful lady at the shelter even gave her a bath, so she’s soft and she smells great!

She’s going to go to another foster home on Friday.  And I hope that she will be placed, actually, through border collie rescue.  Not that I wouldn’t place her through Utah Collie Rescue, but she might have a better chance with BC rescue. Plus, okay I’ll admit it, the hardest part of placing a dog is talking to the people! And maybe the BC rescue folk are better at it than me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Charlie is a Border Collie!”

  1. What a suprise! She looks very inquisitive and bright. I hope you have fun with her for the next couple of days, I’m sure Tatum and Muffit are delighted to have a new friend to play with.

  2. I just talked a friend of mine out of getting a border collie. She is not a very active person, long, slow walks, sitting on the beach, and I knew that would not be enough for a BC. I’m pretty sure she listened once I explained how much time and effort you need to put into these guys or they will destroy your place. I don’t know that I would get one though I do love them!!!

    Flos last blog post..A Valentine’s Day Treat

  3. OMIGOSH! You have a houseful of cutie-pies! Charlie is a beautiful girl!

    When I lived in Wisconsin, we had neighbors who had a Border Collie. They worked all day and left her alone in the back yard. She wore out the grass along the fence because she ran back-and-forth all the time out of boredom. I was so thankful when they finally realized that she was not happy and needed more to do. She ended up moving to a dairy farm!

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