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When I feed my dogs, I feel very good about the food they are getting. A couple of years ago I finally took the plunge and read up about feeding dogs, what food is good, and what is not. I also read about feeding a raw diet and after that I was hooked.

After a few months of actually grinding my dogs food (anyone want to buy a meat grinder?), and feeding raw bones, I finally figured out what was best for me and my dogs.

Levi With A Bone
Levi With A Bone

I like the idea of feeding raw bones, but it scares me. I’m afraid that the bones will get stuck or otherwise harm the dogs. So I no longer feed them bones. Well, I do feed them bones like Levi has in this picture, occasionally, but no longer do they get raw chicken or chicken necks. They get ground. I found a local game processing place that grinds wild game (with turkey and bones or without) and that is what they get for their raw meal.  They also get Honest Kitchen dehydrated along with their raw ground meat, as I feel like it has the necessary supplements that they need.

Chase With a Bone
Chase With a Bone

In the mornings the dogs get a kibble meal.  Usually they get Blue Buffalo dog food.  Lucy, with her megaesophagus, sometimes gets Canidae, because it grinds up a bit better. They were eating Avoderm, but we switched recently to Blue Buffalo. I have been adding some Evo into their food too, mainly for Lucy and Angel, since they are the older two, and I want to increase their protein intake.

Lucy doesn’t eat raw at all. With her megaesophagus, we worry about her aspirating her food. If she does, and gets bacteria into her lungs, she could develop pneumonia. And that’s too big of a risk. And Angel doesn’t seem to tolerate raw very well so she is also on kibble. But even the kibble we feed is the best we can get, and afford. 🙂

The dogs also occasionally get Keifer, raw eggs, cottage cheese, and green tripe. When I feed them these things I’m happy they are getting variety, natural foods that are best for them, and I like to see how much they enjoy it. So I’m happy with the food our dogs eat!

What do you feed your dogs?

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  1. I love raw feeding too. I also like blue buffalo because they use hormone and antibiotic free meats. My dogs eat diets very similar to what you feed!! Part Kibble, part raw, and part other stuff!

    Christys last blog post..The Swamps of Farmington Bay…..

  2. Jake’s diet grew out of the exclusion diet our vet suggested when commercial / processed food gave him severe gastric problems. He now eats raw meat, about 50% of which is pork ribs; some cooked rice or potatoes, and sometimes cooked green veg. And any scraps we know won’t disagree with him. He’s thriving.

  3. Raw bones are fine as long as they are big bones for the dog. I have a bischon and chicken necks are fine. Never give cooked bones as they are brittle and become dangerous. My dog has fresh meat (wagyu) and quality dry food.

  4. Your dogs are very lucky that you take such great care in their feeding. It is so important to their health and happiness. Very nice article and will help others decide on a feeding habit.

    Fishers last blog post..New cats and claws

  5. Maddie gets straight kibble – Nature’s Logic . it is the only food that seems to really work for her. She did not do well on a raw diet.
    Sneek is on BB adult chicken

    Jake and Zoe- I rotate between raw, pre made raw (Primal – which I LOVE), kibble, and canned. They do get chicken quarters with bone. Zoe gets low fat Innova. Jake gets Innova, mixed with Evo, and a half can of wet food. I am now replacing Evo with Wellness Core…

    Anns last blog post..Snow Fun Saturday

  6. Ace is on kibble, but I’m thinking about switching him over to a raw diet. I’m concerned about cost, mostly, and him getting major runs. But when I do it I will do one meal raw food and one meal kibble and see how that goes.

  7. Ours get dried food as well as Raw Bones, Raw Meat, fresh eggs from our Chickens, cooked potatoe peel (which they love) and chicken wings now and then.

    Without doubt they love munching on Raw Meaty Bones the best. It also keeps them quiet for hours and keeps their teeth sparkling.

  8. I feel the same about the chicken bones. My dogs only get the big beef bones like you have pictured here. My dogs used to get a home made all natural raw food diet but now that I am working full time I can’t keep up. We switched to a natural kibble from Merrick. My dogs love the Turducken which comes with veggies.

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