Lucy Made It To 10

Lucy Is 10
Lucy Is 10

Yay! Lucy is 10 years old today!  I’m so happy… last year this time when we were trying to figure out why she wasn’t keeping food down, and she lost so much weight, I was so worried she wasn’t going to live to 10 years old.  We found her megaesophagus though and she’s doing so much better now!  She’s still a bit skinny and she has bad days where she regurgitates a lot of her food. But for the most part, she’s doing well.

She loves to eat, and we feel bad that we can’t give her solid treats anymore. We do give her some, sometimes, just before we feed her a liquid meal. Kibble blended with water, mostly.

Sometimes she plays with the other dogs, and my Husband has been taking her to the dog park on a regular basis so she gets too exercise. So she is doing well, and we are happy for her.  Hopefully she’ll have a few more years with us.  Though we realize 10 is getting up there for a big dog.  She seems healthy otherwise. Well, she does have calcification of the lungs, still, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering her.

Yay for Lucy! Happy Birthday Funny Faced Baby Girl Lulu.

10 thoughts on “Lucy Made It To 10”

  1. Congratulations Lucy! How the world would be if hamsters could made it to 10?

    Brownies last blog post..Brownie y Agustina

  2. Don’t know why this didn’t click with me before, but that means that our Lucy girls are the same age! LOL How fun!

    Maries last blog post..Training Basics

  3. Happy birthday, Lucy! That’s so wonderful that she pulled through! What a nice looking dog!!

    Karen & Gerard Zemeks last blog post..Don’t Tell Me God Doesn’t Exist–He’s My Joy and Strength!!

  4. Lovely dog 🙂 I’ve got a cat who is 17 y.o. 🙂 Old and suffering from cancer now. 🙁 I think it is because of pets food.

    Anthonys last blog post..A Few Words About Container Gardening

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