Long Days of Agility

Tatum's Recall
Tatum's Recall

Whew! What a weekend! I am dead tired. At the end of the first day I thought having a 3 day ASCA trial was a great idea (ASCA  is Australian Shepherd Club of America). However, today, after the third day was over, I think two days are better!  I’m dead tired. So are my dogs, Levi, Chase and Tatum.  Here’s a brief overview of how things went.

I entered Levi in Open A Obedience on Saturday. He is such a good boy. He did perfect on his 3 minute out of sight sit stay, and his 5 minute out of sight down stay! I was so proud, because he was having problems with these in the past. These were done first and out of the way.  Then we did the obedience run through. Well, he didn’t sit at his halts very much again. Leftover from the show ring, I’m sure.  He looses lots of points that way but maybe we can Q without sits.  He failed at his Drop on Recall. Never before in training has he anticipated the drop. He’s always run to me too fast and dropped at me feet.  So we have worked this quite a bit so he’ll drop when I say, not at my feet.  Well… so he anticipated the drop the whole way to the drop point, the dork! Then when I called him to front, he anticipated again, and dropped at my feet. This goofy boy!  LOL.  His retreive on the flat was beautiful. His retreive over the high was okay… he went out to get the dumbbell, then on the way back he went by the jump, not over. Another spot we zeroed.  His broad jump was excellent though!

So no Q for him. But that’s okay, we are still working out the kinks.  We have about a month until the next obedience trial he is entered in.

Chase did great in agility on Saturday. He Q’d both his novice jumpers runs so I moved him to Open for Sunday. He also got a half Q in a standard run. I’m tellin ya… I LOVE ASCA with Chase! Instead of AKC where I have to turn him so hard, and my timing is not that quick… ASCA gave us nice wide open courses and just a small ‘Chase’ calls him to me and he has enough room to change course. Same with a ‘Turn’ for him to turn away from me.  ASCA is great with me and Chase! I loved it.

So Chase ended the three day weekend with 5 Qs.  He got his Novice Jumpers title the first day and we moved to open the second day. Of course off hand I don’t remember what he got on which day. He got a 1/2 Q in Standard one of the days (dropped bar, you can still get a 5 point Q).  And he had a gorgeous run the last open jumpers in the last day. But now that 5th Q escapes me. LOL.  I’ll have to go look at my ribbons. He needs 5 more points for his novice standard title. Hopefully we’ll pick that up next trial.

Levi didn’t do obedience Sunday, and there was none on Monday, so that’s okay.  Chase did great all weekend. We had little mistakes like dropped bars and such. But he drops bars when I run too fast and race him. I have to find the sweet spot, where I’m not too close to him, and not too far, and I think I was really getting the hang of it. I hope to get some videos… I didn’t bring my camera. There was a guy filming Saturday and Sunday, and he’s going to send me a DVD, and then today a friend of mine hopefully got some of our runs. If so, I’ll put them up on YouTube.

Levi ran one Standard and one Jumpers run on Sunday and Monday. He did great! He didn’t Q, but we are just doing it for fun now. I wanted to see his weaves, for the heck of it.  Levi is 9 and I’m not willing to ‘fix’ his weaves anymore. But when I held his chest back and said Find ‘Em he did great!  So we were eliminated for training but that’s nice we can do that in ASCA! And his jumpers were great, jumpers was always his favorite.

Tatum also did great! Saturday she didn’t watch me too much right out of the crate, but we worked it and she got lots better.  Sunday and Monday she was paying attention to me as we trotted around. Doing some heeling, some waits, even the practice jump. She did the paw touch before, got the click/treat, then over we went. Her tail was up and wagging the whole time.

This picture is of her doing a bit of a recall by our crating area.  She is really getting her stays! She’s starting to understand, and it’s neat to see.  And she’s starting to get her recalls, too.

I even took her down to where the obedience ring was, and I threw the ball for her. The tennis ball… she runs out to it, doing her goofy silly bunny hopp, touches it with her mouth, and comes hopping back without the ball.  So I have to work on her picking things up.  She’s going to have the silliest dumbbell retreive ever!

So we had fun. I hope I’m not totally beat for work tomorrow. Guess we’ll see. I plan on getting to bed very early tonight. And now the dogs are saying it’s dinner time.  Good night!

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  1. I haven’t tried teaching Ace the formal dumbbell retrieve yet, because he gets so crazy and just drops it immediately thinking I’m going to throw it. It’s actually really frustrating. He will retrieve anything, but he won’t hold it in his mouth for more than a quarter of a second when he’s near me. Any suggestions? Just hold my hand on his mouth with the dumbbell in it until he understands?

  2. I love your little pack of babies…so sweet!
    I have a burning question…okay well not burning but lol
    What came first? The love of collies or the agility and flyball?

    For some reason your Entrecard doesn’t recognize that I am logged in. *cry* Going to check on some other sites to see if its working.

    Daethians last blog post..Register Now for Taking Action for Animals 2009!

  3. Since I’m reading the blog backward, it made me think that maybe Levi wasn’t doing so great on his sitting at all halts last month because this was right before you found out he had arthritis? Probably been hurting him a bit for a while now… Poor boy. 🙁

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